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Bruxelles Blonde Beer Making Kit

Beer Making Kit: Bruxelles Blonde®

Beer Making Kit: Bruxelles Blonde®


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A dreamy, light-bodied Belgian ale with a gentle malt sweetness, Bruxelles Blonde offers a refreshing, slightly earthy, slightly spicy hop aroma and a smooth, fresh taste.
Profile Belgian-Style Blonde Ale, Light & Crisp Hop Aroma
Instructions Bruxelles Blonde Instructions
Labels Printable Bottle Labels
ABV 6%
OG 1.056
FG 1.014
Includes 1 Gallon Glass Fermenter, Airlock, Tubing, Thermometer, Tubing Clamp, Packet of Sanitizer, Stopper
Ingredients Malted Barley and Wheat Blend, Hops, and Yeast

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