Jalapeño Saison Mix

Beer Making Mix: Jalapeno Saison®

Beer Making Mix: Jalapeno Saison®


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For our Jalapeno Saison, add a crisp, spicy Jalapeno to a light, easy-drinking beer for a healthy kick (if you want it). Great with nachos, ceviche, fish tacos, and anything off the grill.

Note: The Jalapeño Saison mix is different from the Spicy & Mild versions in our book. Please click on the Details tab below to download the most current version of the instructions.
Beer Tasting Set

Beer Tasting Set

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Profile Spicy! Light in Body, Belgian-Style Ale
Instructions Jalapeno Saison Instructions
Labels Printable Bottle Labels
ABV 6%
OG 1.062
FG 1.014
Includes Ingredient Mix for 1 Gallon Jalapeno Saison
Ingredients Malted Barley Blend, Belgian Candi Sugar, Hops and Yeast (Jalapeno not included, but nice to add)