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Quarterly Brew Club

Quarterly Brew Club

Quarterly Brew Club

When you join the Quarterly Brew Club, you get three exclusive seasonal brews sent to you every three months (three mixes per quarter) so you’ll always have the perfect beer on hand. Membership is available in two-quarter (six month) and four-quarter (full year) subscriptions, shipped automatically every quarter.

Now Shipping: Q2 2016 Mixes

Dandelion Gruit | 5% ABV |

This is our take on the gruit, an ancient-style beer brewed without hops that tends to emphasize a region’s local herbs and terroir. Instead of balancing and flavoring the brew with a typical hop combo, we use fresh lemon peel and dandelion greens (along with black peppercorns and white wheat, both included in the mix) to create something that is tart, spicy, and totally herbaceous. Swiss chard is a great substitute if dandelion greens aren’t available.

Chamomile Blonde | 6% ABV |

To brew this light and floral blonde ale we employ a pour-over coffee method post- boil for pulling out the floral sweetness of the chamomile flowers without any of the astringency you can get by over-steeping. The light Belgian grain base and grassy Golding hops makes for a perfect warm weather sipper.

Citrus Wheat | 5% ABV |

Light, crisp and pleasant, our Citrus Wheat is brewed with American white wheat and citrus-packed Chinook hops, making for a refreshing taste of summer. Adding a combination of fresh citrus peel (we love grapefruit, lemon and lime) will give you the zestiest wheat beer around.

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