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  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: New Belgium Brewing

    2 O'Clock Tastings - June 24, 2016

    New Belgium's Citradelic

    Considering its massive popularity, it's easy to forget how young the American craft beer movement is - it's only been around in a big way for the past decade or so. There was, however, a vanguard. Way, way back in the 1980's ('88, to be precise), Jeff Lebesch was riding his bike through the villages of Belgium, visiting brewery after brewery in search of inspiration. When he got back to the States, with the help of his marketing-savvy wife Kim Jordan, Lebesch launched New Belgium Brewing with a beer whose name you probably already know: the Fat Tire.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Destihl Brewery

    2 O'Clock Tastings - June 17, 2016

    Destihl Brewing Co.

    At the top of their website, Destihl Brewery demands two things of its fans. Right under their name, they boldly display their motto, in all caps: "Support flavor. Boycott bland." This is the idea that defines the brewery, a promise that they certainly fulfill.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Beer Camp Across America

    2 O'Clock Tastings - June 10, 2016

    It's always a tenuous thing, calling something "history in the making." There is, of course, the very real chance that you'll be wrong, that you misread the importance of an event. That's a risk we're willing to take. While it's true that most of the world might not ever register the importance of Sierra Nevada's massive collaboration project, Beer Camp Across America, it might be one of the most important events to happen to craft beer this year. Read More...

  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Phillips Brewing & Malting Co.

    2 O'Clock Tastings - June 3, 2016

    Phillips Brewing & Malting Co.

    Despite all odds, Matt Phillips made the system work for him. This is the sentence that describes every aspect of Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. In 2001, a time before craft beer had anybody's attention (least of all in British Columbia), Phillips launched his brewery without a single "normal" beer, like a pale ale or a lager, opting for daring, experimental flavors as his core aesthetic. He also accomplished all this without a bank loan, because he couldn't get one. He took out a handful of credit card applications and went into massive debt in order to start his company.


  • Recipe: Ultimate Beer Burger

    Cooking with Beer, Recipes - May 27, 2016

    Simply-made or indulgently complicated, a good burger can come in a slew of mouth-watering iterations. But one thing's for sure: It's best served with a cold beer. We've taken our love for the classic combination of burgers and beer to the next level by stacking a stout-spiked patty with some of the most beer-filled and burger-ready recipes around including our Hop Mayo, Beer Bacon & Onion Jam, and Spent Grain Burger Bun.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Crooked Stave

    2 O'Clock Tastings - May 27, 2016

    Crooked Stave

    Crooked Stave was founded in 2010 when Chad Yakobson completed his master’s thesis on wild yeast fermentations. The Coloradan used his research to launch a brewery and distributor that would produce 100% Brettanomyces-fermented beers. Despite this common current, Crooked Stave brewing prides itself for making funky and innovative new brews. Most notably, their Wild and Barrel-Aged Sour beers have hit the ground running, having been rated as the top sour beers in Colorado and the world by New York Post and Serious Eats, respectively.


  • Brooklyn Brew Shop Named Part of 2016 DUMBO Dozen

    Beer Events, Behind the Scenes - May 23, 2016

    Our DUMBO Dozen 2016 Award!

    In a rather awesome turn of events, Brooklyn Brew Shop was honored this past Thursday, May 19, as one of the members of the 2016 DUMBO Dozen! We're so excited to have been chosen, especially considering all the amazing companies in the area.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Modern Times Beer

    2 O'Clock Tastings - May 20, 2016

    Modern Times Beer

    Founded in the early summer of 2013, Modern Times Beer is a San Diego-based brewery that, while definitely still growing, already has a sweet selection to offer. With a focus mainly on session-style IPAs, the Modern Times lineup also includes an array of hybrid styles from the brewers' experiments with mixing and matching hops, fruits, yeasts, and barrels. Their newest development is an innovative new line of sours, the result of a recent pilot batch.


  • Bar Profile: Cardiff Giant

    Bar Profile - May 16, 2016

    Cardiff Giant Storefront

    While brewing at home is great fun, the Brooklyn Brew Shop team likes to get out and grab a beer every once and a while. Who doesn't? With that in mind, we would like to give our fellow beer drinkers the scoop on some of the best beer bars in our area. From Brooklyn to Manhattan to the occasional stop out of town, here's where you might find us drinking tonight.

    Before even setting foot in Cardiff Giant, you're greeted by a sandwich board. Rather than feature daily specials or trending Internet humor, the Clinton Hill establishment has elected to quote F. Scott Fitzgerald: “Here’s to alcohol, the rose colored glasses of life.” Inside, simplistic, white-washed walls and a backyard with wire-frame furniture is balanced by a booming collection of liquors, beers, and ciders stacked on the wall behind the bar.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: From The Ground Brewery

    2 O'Clock Tastings - May 13, 2016

    From The Ground's Farmhouse Ales

    From The Ground is a small brewery founded by Jakob Cirell on the grounds of Migliorelli Farm in Red Hook, New York, in 2012. After years of working as a mechanical engineer in the Big Apple, Cirell decided to return to the farming practices he was raised with in Maine in his youth and pursue a dream of brewing beer for a living. Committed to using ingredients only grown on New York soil, From The Ground’s beers are the epitome of local agriculture. The Migliorelli Farm contains a 100-acre orchard which grows apples, pears, cherries, and a variety of tree fruits used in the barrel-aging process.


  • Recipe: Peanut Butter Stout Cake

    Cooking with Beer, Recipes - May 11, 2016

    Peanut Butter Stout Cake

    Peanut butter — sweet, creamy peanut butter. Whether you're eating it in a classic PB&J, peanut butter cup, or right out of the jar with a spoon, there's no denying how amazing and versatile it is. Elvis switched things up by introducing America to the peanut butter and banana sandwich. We thought, why not make our very own smooth concoction? After all, we always have peanut butter on hand.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Half Acre Brewing Company

    2 O'Clock Tastings - May 6, 2016

    Half Acre's Lead Feather

    For many, Half Acre beer and Chicago are inextricably linked - it can actually be pretty tricky to find their products outside of Chicagoland. This, however, was not always the case: the brewery was founded by Goose Island alumnus Gabriel Magliaro in 2006, and they brewed their first beer, the Half Acre Lager, in 2007, when they were still out in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. Since then, though, they've moved to Chicago, opened two large breweries, and started their own local recycling team. It's probably safe to say that they have successfully worked their way into the Chicago beer community.


  • Recipe: Pitcher Beeritas

    Cooking with Beer, Recipes - May 2, 2016

    Recipe: Pitcher Beeritas

    What’s the final addition to any real, decent, 11a.m. brunch? Booze. But you love beer and you love margaritas, so which to choose? We have a solution, friends! Enter Pitcher Beeritas, our latest creation in the world of alcoholic beverages. Refreshing and spicy, this delightful concoction will whisk you away in seconds to a sunny, tropical, beach-side meal with your best brunch buds.

    The best part about this drink (though honestly it is very hard to choose) is that it can be made in minutes, with just a few simple ingredients. We recommend the Brooklyn Brew Shop Jalapeño Saison, a crisp and juicy seasonal beer that will put a spicy kick in your sip. Armed with this, don't be afraid to bring the booze to your next potluck brunch - this one won’t disappoint.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Rahr & Sons Brewing Company

    2 O'Clock Tastings - April 29, 2016

    2 O'Clock Tasting: Rahr & Sons Brewing CompanyNot every brewery relies on age-old family secrets to make their beers. Rahr & Sons Brewing Company, however, stands out as one of those fine gems in the brewing world that has managed to make great, modern craft beer out of a family tradition. The Rahr family first entered the brewing world in 1847 after immigrating from Rhineland, Germany to the United States and starting the Rahr Malting Company, today one of the largest brewing suppliers in the country. In 2004, though, one of the Rahr boys decided he wanted to craft his own brews and started his own operation in Fort Worth, Texas.

    This week we had the honor of trying some of these delightfully dark beers, which we could tell were steeped in the tradition of great brewing. From their most popular lager to newer, seasonal brews, we brought the full German/Texan/Rahr experience to our Brooklyn office to give their beers a swig.


  • Recipe: Sweet Potato Beer Hash

    Cooking with Beer, Recipes - April 27, 2016

    Beer-Soaked Sweet Potato Hash

    You’ve got your biscuits, you’ve got your bacon, but might we suggest a new brunch staple: sweet potatoes! A solid substitute for over-greased hash browns, this recipe is soaked in beer but still super healthy. Imagine the crispy, carb-y goodness of a baked sweet potato dipped in the refreshing, lightly hoppy taste of your favorite pale ale and you’ve got the Beer Soaked Potato Hash. It's a perfect (and vegan!) addition to any boozy brunch.

    This modern take on a diner breakfast staple is not only delicious, but good for your gut. Using sweet potatoes instead of regular golden potatoes, coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, and beer flavor sans-alcohol (it cooks off in the skillet), the simple mix of ingredients won’t have you wondering what’s on your plate before you dig in.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Forbidden Root Brewery

    2 O'Clock Tastings - April 22, 2016

    Forbidden Root

    Remember the good old days when every medicine was some sort of herb and alcohol was a cure-all for health ailments? There's one brewery that's taking the best of those tried-and-true principles and applying them today. Chicago-based Forbidden Root was founded when owner Robert Finkel decided he wanted to start making old-fashioned root beer. Like, with sarsaparilla. And alcohol. His philosophy was grounded in the idea that we need to go back to our roots, utilizing natural, botanical ingredients to craft our beers, reflecting the larger natural world around us.


  • Recipe: Buttermilk Biscuits & Beer Gravy

    Cooking with Beer, Recipes - April 20, 2016

    Buttermilk Biscuits & Beer Gravy

    In a lot of places today, breakfast is a relatively light meal - some in our native Brooklyn have reduced it to coffee and a scowl - but that wasn't always the case. When farm hands had to spend all day out in the fields, toiling under the hot sun, breakfast had to be a huge, hearty meal. It was this need that birthed one of mankind's greatest culinary inventions: the biscuit with gravy.

    Inspired by the classic southern biscuit recipes we so adore, Brooklyn Brew Shop did what we do best and made a beer-based gravy to pair with it. The biscuits are the simple, flaky perfection you remember, but we cooked the juicy slices of sausage in a skillet with some smooth Oatmeal Stout to make our own delicious, beer-fueled gravy. If your brunch guests are anything like ours, this will be the dish fought over for seconds, thirds, and fourths.


  • Bar Profile: St. Gambrinus, Brooklyn, New York

    Bar Profile - April 18, 2016

    St. Gambrinus

    While brewing at home is great fun, the Brooklyn Brew Shop team likes to get out and grab a beer every once and a while. Who doesn't? With that in mind, we would like to give our fellow beer drinkers the scoop on some of the best beer bars in our area. From Brooklyn to Manhattan to the occasional stop out of town, here's where you might find us drinking tonight.

    As soon as I walk into St. Gambrinus Beer Shoppe, its woodsy, cozy, dimly lit interior makes me want to stay for hours. With exposed brick, small, iridescent hanging lights on the right wall above a dark oak bar, and even a backyard (now open!), there's many a place to settle down for a night – or day – of drinking.

    An unexpected television hangs above the bar. "Do you put on many sports games?" I ask Ray Darmstadt, the owner, who is setting up shop. Read More...

  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Barrier Brewing Company

    2 O'Clock Tastings - April 15, 2016

    The Barrier Brewing Company is based in East Rockaway, just a short jaunt away from our native Brooklyn, and was only founded in 2009. They may not have a full website yet, but they certainly have great visual style. Their bottle labels are covered in evocative pop-art designs, equal parts funky, fresh, and tongue-in-cheek. From a raven-haired, gothic duchess named Morticia, to a row of gold teeth and Money bling, just looking at the bottles had us eager to try. Read More...

  • Recipe: Spent Grain Coffee Stout Coffee Cake

    Spent Grain Chef, Recipes - April 13, 2016

    Spent Grain Coffee CakeCoffee cake is thought to have originated in Germany but has evolved throughout the years across different continents to bring us the huge variety of coffee cakes we have today. Traditionally, coffee cake is flavored with - you guessed it - coffee. Here at Brooklyn Brew Shop, we know and love that liquid sunshine all too well, and so wanted to pay homage with our own recipe.

    We decided to put a twist on this classic breakfast treat by mixing Spent Grain Flour into the cake itself and its deliciously crumbly Streusel topping. The addition of the Spent Grain adds a comforting nutty flavor perfect for decadent pastries like coffee cake. With an extra beery boost from some rich coffee stout (in the glaze), this one's gonna have your brunch guests fighting for seconds and savoring every bite.


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