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6 Female-Owned Breweries In Honor of Int'l Women's Day

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In ancient Europe, brewing was almost exclusively a woman's role. The medieval times, however, brought about the frequency of brewing in monasteries to accommodate travelers, and as time passed, the number of female brewers dwindled, brewing in the home became rare, and commercial taverns became a predominantly male domain. Today, while women have since shed the label of "alewives," they are continuing to infiltrate what has since become an XY-dominated scene by owning and running breweries, creating new flavors of craft beer and, in some cases, making innovative moves in the traditional art of craft brewing.

Today, we celebrate International Women's Day with a quick look at 6 female-owned breweries that are taking the beer scene by storm.

  1. Stoudt's Brewing Company


    She didn't earn the title "Queen of Hops" for nothing. Carol Stoudt, owner of Stoudt's Brewing Company, went from kindergarten teacher to master brewer in 1987, and the promotion looks great on her! The mother of five built the brewery with her husband, ran it while raising her kids, and continues to hold a significant role in it to this day, bringing an endearing truth to the phrase "family-owned business".

  2. Intercourse Brewing Company


    Intercourse Brewing Company founder Nicole Courides has a great sense of humor. Though she's not actually from the Pennsylvania Amish (and notably dry) community of Intercourse, she couldn't pass up on the opportunity to name her brewing company after such a pun-worthy name. With names like Blue Ball Porter and Mount Joy, Courides' beers have become a hit in the Pennsylvania tri-state area. As her beers slowly creep across multiple state lines, there's no doubt she'll soon be spreading the love across the nation.

  3. New Belgium Brewing Company


    Kim Jordan was New Belgium's first bottler, sales rep, distributor, marketer and financial planner, earning her current title as CEO and making New Belgium what it is today. What started as a door-to-door hustle has clearly paid off, as New Belgium has since been cranking out notable beer and even more notable green awareness practices: the company became the first wind-powered brewery in the United States in 1998 and continues to find ways to be more environmentally efficient. Green beer is great beer!

  4. Six Rivers Brewery

    Co-owned by Meredith Maier and Talia Nachshon, this Humboldt County, California favorite is cranking out hits from a mild pale ale to their Chile Pepper Ale, which tastes just as spicy as it sounds. Their adjacent restaurant uses mainly local ingredients, and Maier and Nachshon also aim to promote positivity and community by participating in local activities and supporting local non-profits.

  5. Portneuf Valley Brewing


    Like the alewives of yesteryear, Penny Pink was brewing beers for friends and family for years. After finally deciding to take her talents public, Pink set up shop in Pocatello, Idaho in 1996 and hasn't looked back since. What started as a commercial brewery in a sports bar turned into her owning and running her own brewpub, and local Idahoans now come to Pink's spot for craft beer, live music and good eats. Check out her site to see her brewing process step by step.

  6. Jackalope Brewing Company


    Some women bond over boys and clothes, but Bailey Spaulding and Robyn Virball bonded over beer. After meeting in college and going off to their respective post-graduation ventures, the two girls who shared a fondness for beer decided to join forces and actually produce the very thing they love. Moving to Nashville and starting their business in 2009, the girls' Jackalope Brewing Company became the first female-owned brewery in Tennessee. Making beer both beer and history is what we call admirable.

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4 Responses to 6 Female-Owned Breweries In Honor of Int'l Women's Day

  • How about Lost Coast in Eureka California? My favorite Downtown Brown

    Posted on June 20, 2012 at 10:10 am

  • Just for the record Stephanie Weins opened her brewery, Blackstone Restaurant & Brewery in Nashville, Tennessee in 1994.

    Posted on October 1, 2012 at 6:38 pm

  • Thanks for sharing this informative article!

    Posted on October 12, 2012 at 9:44 am

  • It might be a worthy undertaking to start a list and see just how many women-owned breweries there are!

    Cyrena Nouzille, Proprietor
    Ladyface Ale Companie
    Agoura Hills, CA

    Posted on April 4, 2016 at 11:31 pm