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Holiday Beers

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It's two days 'til Christmas and the third day of Hanukkah, which means you're either on vacation already and in need of beer recommendations, or still at work... and in need of beer recommendations.

Fortunately for you, we've done the hard work of selecting a few holiday brews which are the perfect gift for those you'd like to remember, and the perfect antidote for those you'd like to forget. So crack a beer, spin the Dreidel, strap on some antlers, and try not to think about all the presents you have twenty-four hours left to buy...

  1. Brouwerij Huyghe - Delirium Noel

    @Deliriumbrewery| 10.0% ABV

    The holidays are a crazy time. What with getting presents for everyone you care about, cooking huge meals, traveling, and spending time with your relatives, everyone has experienced that holiday delirium at some point. When you finally get to sit down in front of the game or at the dinner table with your aunt, you can crack open one of these and get delirious together, as a family should. At 10% this Belgian strong dark ale is a so potent that you won't even mind the lipstick smear on your cheek.

  2. Troegs - Mad Elf Ale

    @jtroegs| 11.0% ABV

    This strong dark Belgian Ale is brewed with honey and cherries, but don't be fooled by it's easy sipping qualities, this is a beer known to make elves go mad. A wintery brew to warm the heart and enliven the spirits, Mad Elf is another big elixir that is sure to promote holiday cheer...and maybe yelling.

  3. Sierra Nevada - Celebration Ale

    @SierraNevada| 6.8% ABV

    Now that it's wintertime, where do all the hops go? They're currently hibernating in this yearly seasonal from California's Sierra Nevada Brewery. In the midst of the many big and malty holiday ales, Celebration Ale provides a comfortable winter home for the season's displaced hops. A little darker than the average American IPA, this ale has a citrusy, piney, and resinous hop character and a medium body.

  4. St. Bernardus - Christmas Ale

    10.0% ABV

    This is another big Christmas concoction that is sure to get your holiday wheels turning. St. Bernardus abbey style ales are brewed in the small town of Watou in West Flanders. The Christmas Ale is a strong dark ale with notes of dark fruit (raisins, figs, cherries), spice, and subtle orange. A strong maltiness comes through with toffee and caramel tones.

  5. Southern Tier - Old Man Winter

    @stbcbeer| 7.7% ABV

    In the wintertime, everything slows down a little bit. That's what makes it a perfect time for this Old Man to come out and stretch his toes by the fireside. And that's what makes it a perfect time to sit indoors and sip on beers like this while playing a board game or pondering one's existence. A new take on an old style, this "Old Ale" is medium-bodied and substantial with a citrusy hop presence balanced by a bready malt backbone.

  6. He'Brew - Jewbelation 15

    @shmaltznyc| 15% ABV

    Brewed with 15 malts and 15 hops, and clocking in at a hefty 15% ABV, this year's 15th anniversary edition of the Jewbelation ale will give you ample reason to say "L' Chaim" this holiday season. Dark brown in color and rich in aroma, one whiff yields notes of molasses, bourbon, stone fruit, toffee, and chocolate. The taste is equally complex - sweet and malty, with hints of black cherry and leafy hops, all rounded out by a warming, alcoholic finish.



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