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  • Eight Beers for the Zombie Apocalypse

    Beer List - October 30, 2015

    8 Beers for The Zombie Apocalypse

    If there ever were a time to fear the Zombie Apocalypse the time is now. With Halloween swiftly approaching, our favorite group of people on The Walking Dead falling victim to either paranoia or their flesh eating neighbors (God save Michonne!) and fedoras making a come back there is bound to be some irreversible outbreak of unparalleled proportions in our future.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Brooklyn Brewery

    2 O'Clock Tastings - October 28, 2015

    Brooklyn Brewery Tasting on The Mash

    While today it may seem like a new brewery gets off the ground in Brooklyn every other week (It's not quite that often in reality), there was a while when only a small handful of breweries were making beer native to our fine borough. And since the late '80s, Brooklyn Brewery has been at the forefront of not only creating great beer, but creating a new generation of beer lovers to go along with it.


  • Bar Profile: The Diamond, Brooklyn, NY

    Bar Profile - October 26, 2015

    While brewing at home is great fun, the Brooklyn Brew Shop team likes to get out and grab a beer every once in a while. Who doesn't? With that in mind, we would like to give our fellow beer drinkers the scoop on some of the best beer bars in our area. From Brooklyn to Manhattan to the occasional stop out of town, here's where you might find us drinking tonight.

    There are very few canary yellow doors in Brooklyn, so when you spot this one, on Franklin Ave. in a sleepy part of Greenpoint, it’s hard to ignore. A bright splotch of color among the surrounding brick and concrete, it begs passersby to poke their heads in. If they do — and consequently, step into the Diamond — they’ll spy a thriving craft beer bar.

    That, and a gleaming shuffleboard table.

    This is the Diamond, a chilled-out Greenpoint bar that’s about good company and even better beer. While many wonderful beer bars focus on developing massive beer lists, The Diamond offers up a small, carefully curated collection of bottles and taps.


  • 2 O’Clock Tasting: pFriem Family Brewers

    2 O'Clock Tastings - October 23, 2015

    pFriem 2 O'Clock Tasting on The Mash

    "Op uw gezondheid" is the motto of pFriem Family Brewers, a Dutch phrase with tricky pronunciation and a simple, honest meaning: "To your good health." The use of such a statement perfectly encapsulates pFriem's brand, aesthetic and ideology. The brewery is located in Hood River, Ore., just south of the Washington state border, and in their mission statement, they describe their beers as "artisanal," influenced by "the great brewers of Belgium" and dedicated to their "homegrown roots in the Great Pacific Northwest." From the label to the taste, every pFriem beer showcases its commitment to simple excellence.  Read More...

  • 5 Wet-Hopped Beers To Enjoy Now

    Beer List - October 21, 2015

    Besides the delightful turning leaves and wonderfully crisp temperatures, fall is also known in the beer world as hops season! Nearly all hop harvesting in the United States occurs in late August to early October. To celebrate this momentous time of year, many breweries work with nearby hop farms to create “wet-hopped” beers, which use hops picked under 24 hours before they are used in the brew.


  • Beer Guide: Drinking Kölsch in Köln

    Brew Trips & Fests - October 19, 2015

    Cologne, Germany - Imagine hopping on the Amtrak to Philadelphia. And while in Phily, what if you could only drink one style of beer? A beer that's been brewed within the city limits for centuries and is unique from anything else in the world. Now board the return train to New York and do it over again. Another singular beer belonging to a proud neighboring city. That's the beer culture of Germany, and it's unlike anywhere in the world.

    In Cologne (Köln in German), kölsch is pretty much the only thing on tap, and every bar, restaurant and brauhaus is likely to have only one. Kölsch is a super-light, crisp beer that combines the best aspects of ales and lagers. Aged like a lager (cold and long), it's brewed with ale yeast, which can give it some fruity notes that you don't normally find in a German lager. It's refreshing, low-in-alcohol and exclusive to Cologne. Want altbier? Head 45 minutes north to Düsseldorf. You won't find it in here. Read More...

  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Naked Flock Cider

    2 O'Clock Tastings - October 16, 2015

    Naked Flock Hard Ciders on The Mash

    Many craft breweries, cideries, and the like know the principle that drives media standards like product placement and, more broadly, the entirety of television: a good story sells stuff. Applewood Winery, the makers of Naked Flock Cider, are located on one of the oldest farms west of the Hudson River, and have proven themselves similarly savvy. For Naked Flock, they have weaved (or perhaps simply co-opted) a delightfully hilarious backstory. It has nothing to do with the cider, but that doesn't really matter - it hooks you nonetheless.


  • 5 Fall Beers to Make Now

    Beer News Mashup - October 12, 2015

    5 Fall Beers To Make

    Goodbye boat beers, hello Fall beers.

    With the abundance of crops in season in fall, there’s no better time to try something new in your brew. Try making these fall-ready beers below or tweak a mix to make it your own. We’d love to hear about it!


  • 2 O’Clock Tasting: Knee Deep Brewing Co.

    2 O'Clock Tastings - October 9, 2015

    2 O'Clock Tasting: Knee Deep Brewing

    Jeremy Warren, brewmaster at Knee Deep Brewing Co., started his beer career as a hired gun—for the first few months, he and Knee Deep solely produced brews on contract for the northern Nevada market. Then, in the fall of 2010, he met Jerry Moore, and the two began their ascent into becoming a craft brewery proper. Five years later, they now have an 18,000 square-foot facility in Auburn, Calif., distribution in 11 states, and a quietly rising reputation.

  • Recipe: Spent Grain Granola

    Spent Grain Chef, Recipes - October 7, 2015

    Spent Grain Granola Recipe on The Mash via Brooklyn Brew Shop

    Granola is one of those recipes that we are constantly changing based on what combination of dried fruit, nuts and seeds are on hand. This spiced oven-baked granola uses spent grain, rolled oats, nuts, seeds and coconut flakes (along with some maple syrup and brown sugar for sweetness).

    Our general rule is to keep the ratios for sugar, oil and our base of rolled oats and dried spent grain the same (Check out: How to Dry Spent Grain for instructions), but from there play with whatever ingredients are in season or on hand. Pistachios and dried apricots have made it into delicious versions as have cinnamon and dried apples. Let us know what combination you try! 


  • Bar Profile: Top Hops, Manhattan, NY

    Bar Profile - October 5, 2015

    While brewing at home is great fun, the Brooklyn Brew Shop team likes to get out and grab a beer every once in a while. Who doesn't? With that in mind, we would like to give our fellow beer drinkers the scoop on some of the best beer bars in our area. From Brooklyn to Manhattan to the occasional stop out of town, here's where you might find us drinking tonight.

    Ted Kenny — framed between two massive, frosted refrigerator units — is king of a tiny kingdom, one so small it can exist quietly behind a pair of glass doors on Orchard St. in downtown Manhattan. It's a kingdom of bottles and cans, each of them chilled and ready to pour, lined up like soldiers in his beer shop and bar, Top Hops.

    Kenny, who previously worked with beer giant Anheuser-Busch, has managed, almost miraculously, to squeeze over 750 bottles of beer into this Lower East Side shop, meaning one thing for customers: a practically unlimited choice of craft beers.

    "We're always keeping our eyes out for different products and our customers come in and tell us about different drinks, too," Kenny said. "We get stuff that you're not going to find, or you're only going to find in a couple of places." Read More...

  • Apple of the Month: Esopus Spitzenburg

    Brew School - October 2, 2015

    The Esopus Spitzenburg is an antique apple variety said to have been Thomas Jefferson’s favorite. The fruit was discovered in the 1700s on the Esopus settlement in Ulster County, N.Y., by a Dutch settler by the name of Spitzenburg.

    Now considered an American classic perfect for eating fresh off the tree, the Esopus Spitzenburg ("Spitz" for short) also makes a great dessert apple. As our October Apple of the Month, you'll want to keep an eye out—these are just starting to peak—but you may need to curb your enthusiasm when leaning in to take a bite or toss it in your brew. Spitz' flavor improves with a couple of weeks' storage.


  • Brooklyn Brewery's Sorachi Ace Collaboration Kit Launch Party

    Beer Events - September 30, 2015

    Brooklyn Brew Shop at Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace Release Party

    ICYMI: We recently released our newest collaboration kit for the venerable Sorachi Ace from Brooklyn Brewery! In celebration of this awesome occasion, we trekked over to Williamsburg for a delightful evening at Brooklyn Brewery's Tasting Room. Our very own Erica and Stephen kicked the night off with a demonstration of the new Sorachi Ace Beer Making Kit, after which the brewery's Tim Rozmus gave a highly entertaining tour of their state-of-the-art facilities. With such great company, as well as a wide selection of Brooklyn's fantastic brews on tap, it was truly the perfect kick-off. Take a look at the pictures below, and let us know how your homemade Sorachi Ace compares!


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Two Roads Brewing Co.

    2 O'Clock Tastings - September 28, 2015

    Two Roads Tasting on The Mash

    Remember Robert Frost? He was a pretty great poet with some pretty great poems, including one in particular that has been misinterpreted over and over. Say what you will about the sanctity of art, but this misinterpretation has become incredibly important in American culture. We, as a society, have chosen this poem to champion the ideas of individualism and subversion of the norm. With that in mind, Two Roads Brewing Co.'s name (and motto: "Take the road less traveled") makes perfect sense, encapsulating their image as a craft beer innovator. In our currently-vast beer market, the branding is powerful.


  • Six Fantastic Hopped Ciders for Fall

    Beer List - September 23, 2015

    Six Hopped Cider for Fall

    To help you find your next favorite hoppy beverage, we've handpicked our favorite hoppy ciders from some of the best experimental American cider makers out there. After you’ve tried a few, try brewing one up yourself with a Hard Cider Kit or Hard Cider Refill Pack.


  • New: Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace Collaboration Kit

    Beer News Mashup - September 21, 2015

    We're very excited to announce our newest craft brewery collaboration! We've partnered withbrewmaster Garrett Oliver and Brooklyn Brewery to make it possible (and easy) for you to make your own batch of Brooklyn Sorachi Ace at home.

    In creating the Brooklyn Sorachi Ace Beer Making Kit and Beer Making Mix (check out the mix if you already have a kit), we scaled down the production recipe straight from the brewery and include the same grain and hops that go into every bottle of Sorachi Ace the Brooklyn Brewery makes.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Transmitter Brewing, Part 2

    2 O'Clock Tastings - September 18, 2015

    2 O'Clock Tasting: Transmitter Brewing Pt. 2

    "Big things comes in small packages."

    While the saying perilously dangles in the realm of cliches, few concepts exist as comfortably — and ring as true — as this one in the world of craft beer. With most states now fostering a handful of smaller, independent producers, drinkers all over the globe are finding more and more unorthodox beers created by their local micro- and nano-breweries.


  • Recipe: Plum & Ale Tart

    Cooking with Beer, Recipes - September 16, 2015

    Honestly, we're a bit hesitant when buying plums at the farmers market. Often they're fantastic to eat as soon as you get home. Mouthwateringly juicy and perfectly balanced between sweet and tart, a plum should be far from mealy with skin that's firm but not too firm. But sometimes a plum grown with the best intentions on a beautiful farm somewhere at least an hour from the city just doesn't taste that great no matter how many days you wait for it to ripen up. Read More...

  • Bar Profile: The Cannibal, Manhattan, NY

    Bar Profile - September 14, 2015

    While brewing at home is great fun, the Brooklyn Brew Shop team likes to get out and grab a beer every once in a while. Who doesn't? With that in mind, we would like to give our fellow beer drinkers the scoop on some of the best beer bars in our area. From Brooklyn to Manhattan to the occasional stop out of town, here's where you might find us drinking tonight.

    Ten seconds inside The Cannibal and the smell hits: a massive bouquet of smoke, meat and fire. It's house-made beef jerky and sausage. It’s a barbeque sucker-punch. The gastropub, located on 29th Street between Park and Lex, dwells in perpetual campfire mode, with every inch of the space, save for the outdoor seating, swept up in a wave of tantalizing eau de meat.

    After about 20 seconds — once visitors snap back from their nose-coma — their eyes will likely hit the walls. In this slender, speakeasy-eque nook of a bar, the walls are rustically paneled with raw wood and lined with bottles upon bottles of beer. Belgians and IPAs, Goses and more line the shelves and fill the refrigerators, which whirr ceaselessly by the entrance.

    At 30 seconds, the epiphany: This is a true-blue beer haven.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Nine Pin Ciderworks

    2 O'Clock Tastings - September 10, 2015

    Nine Pin Ciders

    On Nine Pin Ciderworks' impeccably-designed website, there is a section, "Our Story," which chronicles the company's history. Opening with a part of the Rip Van Winkle myth, the story weaves the tale of the notorious narcoleptic's journey through the Catskill Mountains, searching for thunder and instead finding the sonorous cracking of nine pin bowling (played by the ghosts of Henry Hudson's sailors) into the backstory and inspirations of the cidery's founder, Alejandro del Peral. Throughout the saga, one thing is abundantly clear: Nine Pin is selling a story and a world along with its award-winning ciders.

    Beyond the myth, Nine Pin showcases their commitment to New York's Capital District (a region upstate that generally refers to the four counties surrounding Albany) in everything they do. All four of their retail ciders, as well as the more than 30 experimental ones only on tap at their tasting room in downtown Albany, are concocted solely with apples from the finest local orchards. Knowing this, what's truly staggering about Nine Pin is the sheer range of flavor and style embodied by their ciders—though all three we tasted looked nearly identical, each delivered wildly different drinking experiences. Here's what we thought.


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