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  • Recipe: Beer Brined Turkey

    Cooking with Beer, Recipes - November 10, 2014

    There's a tried and true ritual to cooking a full turkey, whether it's as the centerpiece for a hearty dinner party or a full-fledged holiday spread at cousin Marge's. The process of brining, basting and roasting feels almost ceremonial, and the way the scent fills up a room, or a whole house, is really something to remember. We think adding beer into every part of the process really makes it showstopping.


  • Hop of the Month: Admiral

    Hop of the Month, Brew School - November 7, 2014

    Living up to its name, the Admiral hop is strong, useful and commanding. First released in 1996, this hop was created from breeding the Northdown and Challenger hops, both of which are known for their bittering qualities. The combination of these two hops created the high alpha acid, very bitter Admiral hop.

    Admiral has very subtle aromas, pleasant and typically English, but what this hop is known for is its bittering abilities. This hop has to be carefully measured when added to beer because it can be easily overpowering. In addition, the hop imparts a citrusy and herbal flavor, and is most at home in English-style beers and all sorts of Pale Ales.

    The Admiral hop is currently used by many commercial breweries for strong IPAs, APAs, BPAs, and more.


  • Recipe: Pumpkin Beer Ice Cream

    Cooking with Beer, Recipes - November 5, 2014

    Pumpkin beer is synonymous with fall and autumnal vibes, and the options for drinking a bottle seem to be endless these days - spicy and strong, earthy and subtle, just plain pumpkin-filled. Pumpkin beer is a divisive style, but there's no denying it's here to stay. Since we've been experimenting with ice cream lately, we figured it was worth a shot to try a pumpkin beer version of our favorite year-round treat. It turns out that combining these two things is a very, very good idea.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Alchemist

    2 O'Clock Tastings - November 3, 2014

    In 2003 husband and wife duo John and Jen Kimmich opened Alchemist Brew Pub in downtown Waterbury, Vermont. Alchemist is different then most breweries for multiple reasons, but they are probably best known for only producing one regular beer - the almighty Heady Topper. Starting out with a 7-barrel system, Alchemist continued on its path to beer glory until the pub was hit by Hurricane Irene in 2011. It was at this time that the team built a separate cannery off of Vermont 100. The cannery produces Heady Topper, as well as cans that are only sold from a once-monthly exclusive truck sale. You'll wait in a line that wouldn't be out of place during peak New York brunch hours, and the cans go fast! Read More...

  • The Monster Mash: 10 Monstrous Halloween Beers

    Beer List - October 31, 2014

    We were working in the brewery late one night, when our eyes beheld a hoppy sight. For our beer from its carboy began to rise, and suddenly, to our surprise...

    We'll spare you the rest. But even if we get a little excited over some holiday music (just wait 'til Christmas) we still know our beer, so we're here with our timely Halloween list of ten monstrous beers. Though each one was inspired by the stuff of children's nightmares, these beers would be monsters any time of the year, each weighing in with at least 8% ABV. How well they pair with fun size candy bars, we leave to you to find out.


  • Make Some Beer Book Outtakes: Jester King Brewing

    Behind the Scenes - October 31, 2014

    We traveled to the hill country of Austin, Texas to interview Jester King Brewery, an authentic farmhouse brewery known for making artisanal ales that are full of personality and depth. In our outtake from Make Some Beer: Small-Batch Recipes from Brooklyn to Bamberg, we heard how small European breweries inspired their farmhouse style, their attentive process of only maturing a few beers at a time and fermenting in whiskey barrels.

    Read on for an outtake of our interview with Jester King!


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: 21st Amendment Brewing

    2 O'Clock Tastings - October 29, 2014

    In 2000, Nico Freccia and Shaun O’Sullivan founded 21st Amendment Brewing in the South Park neighborhood of San Francisco, California. As avid beer enthusiasts, Freccia and O’Sullivan were determined to establish an ongoing celebration of the overturned 21st Amendment to the Constitution (that's the one that repealed Prohibition) and gave their brewery the amendment's namesake to commemorate it.


  • Recipe: Coconut Porter Brussels Sprouts

    Cooking with Beer, Recipes - October 27, 2014

    Brussels sprouts often get a bad rap, ending up the butt of a joke or the last thing left on someone's dinner plate. We think they deserve a little more credit since they are packed with vitamins and minerals and assume a wonderful texture when cooked. We also love this miniature cabbage's earthy, complex flavors - especially when roasted with shallots, coconut and a little Chocolate Maple Porter.


  • 8 Ideas for the Ultimate Beer Wedding

    Beer List - October 24, 2014

    If your love of beer is nearly on par with your love for your significant other, you may opt to host the ultimate beer wedding. When we tied the knot back in April we toasted with 60 gallons of our own beer including: Jalapeño Saison, Dandelion Gruit, Bourbon Dubbel, Grapefruit Honey Ale, a lavender spiked version of our Bruxelles Blonde and a couple super-fresh, dry-hopped IPAs.

    And while brewing all the beer for your own bash might be out of the question, here are 7 ways to still throw the ultimate craft beer wedding.


  • Make Some Beer Book Outtakes: Full Steam Brewing

    Behind the Scenes - October 22, 2014

    On the cross-country trip we took while writing Make Some Beer: Small-Batch Recipes from Brooklyn to Bamberg, we made a special stop at Fullsteam in Durham, North Carolina - a brewery that aspires to build its own southern beer economy. Fullsteam Brewery utilizes what its community has to offer and in turn educates and returns the profit to improve the lives of North Carolina farmers and agriculture entrepreneurs.

    To the Fullsteam brewers, the fun of experimenting while keeping the integrity of Southern food & farm traditions alive is paramount. Read on for an outtake of our interview with Fullsteam to see what their 300 Mile Vision is, why they love their brewing system and how honeysuckle, persimmons and figs made it into their beer.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Lakefront Brewing

    2 O'Clock Tastings - October 20, 2014

    A favorite of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the Midwest in general, Lakefront Brewing was founded in 1987 along the Milwaukee River by two brothers - Jim and Russ Klisch. The Klisch brothers have somewhat of a history in the beer world; their grandfather worked for Schlitz and the Uihelin’s! Organic and sustainable beer-making is of central importance to Lakefront. After becoming the first certified organic brewery in 1996, the brothers went even further in 2005 to work with farmers to grow native grain and hops in Wisconsin. Lakefront released the first beer since Prohibition using 100% Wisconsin-grown hops and malt, and in 2012, isolated an airborne 'Wisconsin' yeast strain to make fully local beer.


  • Hop of the Month: Opal

    Hop of the Month, Brew School - October 17, 2014

    The Opal hop was registered by the Hüll Hops Research Institute in Germany in 2001 and then introduced to the market in 2004. Despite being available for 10 years, relatively few commercial breweries and brewers have made use of it. It is agreed upon that the hop itself, as well as information about the hop, is hard to find. Despite this, those who have used it are enthusiastic about its abilities to provide a subtle peppery flavor that compliments its clean citrus aroma.

    In general, this beer lends itself to several German-style beers, and imparts peppery, herbal and hoppy flavors as well as citrusy, floral aromas. A unique aspect of the Opal hop is that when first being dried, its aroma is similar to garlic. This odor fades over the drying process, and the hop assumes a normal bitter aroma.

  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Firestone Walker Barrelworks

    2 O'Clock Tastings - October 15, 2014

    Hailing from Paso Robles, California, Firestone Walker Brewing Company was started in 1996 by brothers-in-law Adam Firestone and David Walker. The brewery makes use of the brothers’ wine-making background, and employs a ‘Union Barrel’ system that uses 60-gallon American oak barrels for primary fermentation and stainless steel barrels for secondary fermentation.


  • 9 Spent Grain Cookie Recipes

    Spent Grain Chef, Beer List - October 13, 2014

    We love any way to use spent grain leftovers from brewing, and we also love any excuse to make delicious cookies! Spent grain adds a complex, nutty aroma and flavor to just about any baked good, and with so many different cookie styles to roll out, the possibilities are nearly endless!

    Whether you are craving a childhood favorite (with a beer twist) or need a centerpiece to complete a great (beer-infused) party spread, we've gathered nine cookie recipes that are perfect for adding the touch of spent grain, including rugelach, madeleines and even biscotti to dip in your morning coffee.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Bellwoods Brewery

    2 O'Clock Tastings - October 10, 2014

    When we headed through Toronto a couple months back and asked for recommendations, the can't-miss event that kept coming up was the Bellwoods Brewery & Indie Ale House tap takeover at Bar Hop. We drank up the delightful Excellent Adventure (a Beliner Weisse with sour cherries and a collaboration with the bar) and grabbed a few bottles from the brewery's bottle shop to bring back to Brooklyn.   Read More...

  • Recipe: Beer Queso

    Cooking with Beer, Recipes - October 8, 2014

    Beer Queso

    We are no strangers to beer dip - it's often our favorite part of an appetizer spread (see Beer Cheese, Beer & Onion Dip or Beer & Artichoke Dip for examples). Naturally, Beer Queso was next on the list to perfect - and our Jalapeño Saison tops it off spectacularly. It's packed with delicious cheddar cheese and a touch of sour cream adds just enough sourness to balance out the dip's rich qualities.

    We love the consistency of this queso - it's creamy and smooth with some heat - and definitely beckons for continued chip-dipping. If you like a little more spice, add in another 1/2 habanero or jalapeño, or leave out the pepper all together for a more mild version.


  • Glassware Guide: Goblet

    Brew School, Glassware Guide - October 6, 2014

    Bottles and cans are great, but we'll be drinking our beers from a glass. The right glass ensures a beer smells and tastes how the brewer intended.

    The Goblet (chalice) is the most regal and elegant of the essential beer glasses. Consisting of a round-fooded stem attached to a bowl-shaped glass, goblets can be plain or elaborate with ornate crystal-etched designs. Used primarily for Trappist or strong Belgian beers, the round bowl helps maintain a strong, yet shallow head from highly carbonated Belgian ales. Because the beers poured into them are strong, ranging from 7% to 11% ABV, most goblets only hold 10-12 ounces. Most goblets are designed and branded for specific breweries.  Read More...

  • Recipe: Peanut Butter Porter Ice Cream Cake

    Cooking with Beer, Recipes - October 3, 2014

    Peanut Butter Porter Ice Cream Cake from Brooklyn Brew Shop

    We celebrate just about every special occasion (i.e. birthdays, really good weeks and sometimes really bad weeks) with a cake. And while Brooklyn dessert options are more than plentiful, we've somehow exhausted our local options (eating our way through Momofuku Milk Bar's whole cake menu in a few short months) and began thirsting for something new--something worth celebrating, which meant it needed to have beer.

    This Peanut Butter Porter Ice Cream Cake combines our love of peanut butter and ice cream with rich Chocolate Maple Porter and tops it with crushed Nutter Butter cookies and peanut butter cups - a creamy, frozen delight that'll make you want to throw a party just because.


  • Village Voice Brooklyn Pour 2014

    Brew Trips & Fests - October 1, 2014

    Every year, the New York brewing community comes together at The Village Voice's Brooklyn Pour in the heart of the borough - a massive showcase of the best craft beer the state (and beyond) has to offer. The festival celebrated it's fourth year last Saturday, September 27, and with over 100 beers up for tasting, there was something for everyone. We brewed our New Orleans Coffee Milk Stout and Bruxelles Blonde with Apricots for the occasion, and loved seeing familiar faces and learning of new breweries and cideries popping up throughout the city and elsewhere. We really enjoyed IPAs from Finback Brewery and Braven Brewing Company, as well as ales from Transmitter Brewing and Grimm Ales.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Brouwerij West

    2 O'Clock Tastings - September 29, 2014

    Inventive bottle art always catches our eye, and San Jose-based Brouwerij West does not disappoint (in both looks and taste)! Founded in 2010 by Brian Mercer & Nick Brown, Brouwerij West makes exclusively Belgian-style beers with mostly Belgian ingredients - that means no IPAs. Mercer originally got into beer by concocting sugar syrups for brewers under the name Dark Candi, Inc.


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