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  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Brøckhouse Bryghus (Brewhouse)

    2 O'Clock Tastings - September 3, 2013

    Brøckhouse Bryghus is a Danish microbrewery located in Hillerod, Denmark, a rich cultural city just north of Copenhagen. Founder Allan Poulsen gave up his IT job to found the brewery in 1995. Brøckhouse thrived under Paulsen at first, however, the brewhouse experienced financial trouble during the 2007-2010 financial crisis and filed for bankruptcy in February 2009. As a result, Premium Beer Imports took over the company.

    Brøckhouse continues to brew in accordance to ancient traditions. Many of the beers are developed in cooperation with historical recipes by using similar ingredients and inspiration from the Cistercian and Viking eras. By adopting these methods, Brøckhouse has helped revive and propel today’s Danish beer market.


  • N. Dakota Leads Drinkers, Kirin Frozen Beer, CrowdBrewed

    Beer News Mashup - August 30, 2013

    • New Frozen Foam Keeps Tap Beer Colder Longer [MSN]
    • State to State, Who Drinks the Most and Least? [Fox News]
    • Hop Production in New York is on the Rise [Wall Street Journal]
    • Expansion of OSU's Fermentation Science Program [Oregon Live]
    • CrowdBrewed: Build a Brewery through Online Investors [The Vermont Cynic]


  • Weekend Beer Events 8/30

    Beer Events - August 29, 2013

    Perhaps you’re dreading post labor-day weekend (sorry, no more wearing white pants) but don’t get too down on yourself because we’re looking out for you. Yet another weekend is upon us and as always, it will be full of festivals and events across the country and abroad.

    The Portland Brew Festival is back again, Heavy Seas is pouring beer at a Grand Prix Party in Baltimore, MD, and a craft beer festival is taking off in Rapperswil, Switzerland. In the south? Check out the Lexington Fest of Ales in Kentucky or the Ocoee Fest in Tennessee.

  • 5 Beer Based Recipes for Your Labor Day Cook Out

    Spent Grain Chef, Cooking with Beer, Beer List - August 28, 2013

    Labor Day is approaching and that means the last big cookout of the year is almost here. To ensure a successful beer-filled party on all fronts, we've put together a list of Cooking with Beer and Spent Grain Chef recipes perfect to send Summer out in style this year.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Gisberga

    2 O'Clock Tastings - August 27, 2013

    Up in the mountains of Aragon, Spain, lies a brewery whose origins begin in the United States. Ferran Ferrer Escola, Brew Master for Gisberga Brewery, began his love affair with beer while studying eonology (wine and winemaking) in California. After years of experimenting with his own brews and even designing his own specialty brewing equipment, he opened Gisberga on the momentous date of 11-11-11.

    Using grain and yeast native to Aragon and the pure water flowing from the Pyrenees Mountains, his flagship beers, a farmhouse wheat (Trigo) and a Porter (Porter) are traditional beers with a one of a kind, purely Aragonese twist.


  • 4 Late Summer Beers

    Beer List - August 26, 2013

    Labor Day is approaching, which means that summer (and the remaining time to wear white pants) is drawing to an end, but we aren't giving up on the warmest season of the year just yet. We've put together a list of beers that are perfect for savoring while soaking up some rays.

    So dedicate these last few weekends of the summer to a relaxing day at the beach with sand between your toes or a leisurely boat ride enjoying the views of the shore. But most importantly, enjoy your last few weeks of outdoor summer activity time with one of these refreshing and crisp summer brews in hand.


  • Brewing with Freedom, Redbull Sues, Hangover Free Beer?

    Beer News Mashup - August 23, 2013


  • Weekend Beer Events 8/24

    Beer Events - August 22, 2013

    As summer winds down, staying home starts to sound better and better. As it turns out, the beer fests this weekend seem to agree. Sticking around town and celebrating what your local community has to offer will pay off this weekend, as many of the featured events celebrate just that - regional brews.

    New York will bring forth all its most famous brews for the NYC Brewers Guild and NYC Beer Week, California will celebrate some of its local brews and food, and the Midwest wants to make sure you know what it has to offer. If you feel like learning something new, Wisconsin will get you out on the farm to see what hops are all about, and Colorado is going to show you how to pickle up some fun. Read More...

  • Recipe: Chocolate Maple Porter Fudge Pops

    Cooking with Beer - August 21, 2013

    It's no secret that we love combining beer into frozen treats (see Shandy Ice Pops, Raspberry & Rose Beer Ice Pops, and Malted Apple Ice Cream), but these Chocolate Maple Fudge Pops may be one of our best ideas yet. The ingredients couldn't be simpler - Chocolate Maple Porter and hot cocoa mix - then after some time in the freezer you've got a delicious chocolate and beer-filled treat!


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: The Perfect Crime

    2 O'Clock Tastings - August 20, 2013

    Months after a terse and cryptic clue from Stillwater Headbrewer Brian Strumke - a facebook post reading simply, "The Perfect Crime" - a new collaboration of that name has emerged from the playful mystery Strumke and partners Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Evil Twin Brewing and Brian Ewing of Twelve Percent Imports have cultivated around it. The noir-inspired project is brewed at Schelde Brouwerij in Belgium and for now features two dames, an American and a European - both Blonde. Who knows which will capture your heart? We love a good sleuth-story, so we're hoping for a sequel from this all-star team.

    Update now includes Hollow Point, a quadrupel ale weighing in at 10% ABV, also brewed by Schelde Brouwerij in Belgium.


  • End of Summer Beer & Book List

    Beer List - August 19, 2013

    In Brooklyn, your summer beach reads are more often consumed with a beer on your roof than in the one weekend you escape to that friend-of-a-friend's overcrowded house-share on the shore (though, in fairness, there is probably still beer).

    Since you're stuck at home, and the Q train sounds like a mini earthquake occurring every twenty minutes, the ability to fall completely into a book is a necessity. So we have gathered a list of our favorite recent reads for your last few weeks of summer - and, in case even that isn't enough to drown out the noise, some beers to imbibe along with them.


  • State Brews, Just-add-water beer, Order Beer Anywhere

    Beer News Mashup - August 16, 2013

    • 50 Beers Named to Honor Their Home States [Buzzfeed]
    • How Local is your Local Beer? [Slate]
    • Easy to Carry, Just-Add-Water Beer for Hiking, Camping, Life [Huffington Post]
    • USPS May Start Shipping Beer, Wine, Liquor [Yahoo]
    • New App Will Help You Order Beer in 59 Languages [WebProNews]


  • Weekend Beer Events: 8/17

    Beer Events - August 15, 2013

    Summer is still here, another weekend is upon us, and the beer continues to flow. No plans? Thirsty for beer? You’re at the right place.

    Stone hosts their 17th Anniversary, Founder’s caters Long Island City’s NYC Hog Days of Summer, and HopHead Beer Tours takes you on a journey of craft beer history in Madison, Wisconsin. The Franklin Park Zoo entertains Boston with their fourth annual Brew at the Zoo and Philly hosts a sour beer tasting, so don’t even think about staying home this weekend.


  • Recipe: Spent Grain Corn Dogs

    Spent Grain Chef - August 14, 2013

    The only thing better than a hot dog is a hot dog on a stick, dipped in batter, and fried. And now that you can make your own delicious corn dogs whenever you'd like with this spent grain-based cheesy recipe, corn dogs aren't just for the state fair anymore. So grab a beer and some dogs and get to frying!


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Hofstetten Brewery

    2 O'Clock Tastings - August 13, 2013

    Brauerei Hofstetten is a historic, farmstead brewery that has been sitting atop the hills of Mühlviertel, Austria since 1449. Although established in the fifteenth century, Hofstetten has been family owned by the Krammers since 1847. The family’s great, great grandfather, a cattle trader, procured the brewery from its former owner who couldn’t afford to keep up with the payments any longer.

    Brauerei Hofstetten is proud of its Austrian heritage as it acquires all of their raw materials locally. Perhaps the most unique ingredient of Hofstetten Beer is the water. Hofstetten collects soft, bedrock water that has flowed through granite rock from nearby aquifers. Hofstetten has sustained small-scale brewing operations since its beginnings and currently has 11 people on staff and produces nearly five thousand barrels of beer each year.


  • 5 Beers for Summer Fun & Games

    Beer List - August 12, 2013

    Are you busy ganging up on your friend in Canadian doubles tennis or strutting some cultural knowledge by tossing some bocce ball in the backyard? Understandable, but why not do it with a beer in hand? This is August and it's just one of those months when you need to take advantage of the weather.

    August is national golf month (now you know) and also features some classic sporting events like the Tennis US Open, and baseball (it is America’s pastime). Whether you decide to watch one of these events on TV or indulge in some summer games yourself, make sure to do it with style (that is, with a beer). So check out one of these thirst-quenching, craft beers that will match perfectly with any summer game you decide to play.


  • Brew from Beirut, Duff Gardens, Resilient Michigan Hops

    Beer News Mashup - August 9, 2013

    • 961 Brewery From Beirut Hopes to Bring Craft Beer to the Middle East [New York Times]
    • Dreams Really Do Come True: Simpson's Theme Park Opens Duff Brewery [Inside the Magic]
    • Stone Beers are Coming to San Diego's Int'l Airport [San Diego Source]
    • TTB Study: The ABV on your Label May Be Lying to You [Beer Pulse]
    • Michigan Hops Survive Severe Weather While Other Crops Fail [Bloomberg]


  • Weekend Beer Events 8/10

    Beer Events - August 8, 2013

    We love weekends, because it gives us more time to drink beer, and you know how much we like beer. It looks like California is where it's at - three of our five events take place in The Golden State, and all of them sound like fun. If you're not in California, though, don't fret. Bangor, Maine has a brew fest of their own, and in Montana you can rub shoulders with the king of home beer makers himself, Charlie Papazian. Or learn about how space technology improves beer in Colorado Springs.


  • Recipe: Vietnamese-style Beer Marinated Flank Steak

    Cooking with Beer - August 7, 2013

    The rich smoky flavor of Smoked Wheat really shines through in this Vietnamese-style Beer Marinated Flank Steak. If you have the time, we recommend marinating the steak overnight, but you can still achieve a great flavor after soaking for just a few hours in the fridge. After cooking, serve in Vietnamese-style tacos or lettuce wraps, or over rice or noodles.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Ayinger Brewery (Brauerei Aying)

    2 O'Clock Tastings - August 6, 2013

    All over the world, beer lovers agree that if it's made in Bavaria, it's the real deal. It is, after all, home to the first brewery on record, way back in 800 A.D., as well as the ultimate of beer festivals - Oktoberfest. About 25 kilometers from the Oktoberfest grounds in Munich, lays a little town called Aying, home to the beloved Ayinger Brewery (Brauerei Aying). This 135 year old brewery has a deep family history, and remained almost completely unchanged until a new, updated brewery was built in 1999 in order to keep up with the growing market.

    Again and again Ayinger has won awards for its beers, including the World Beer Cup, and the Deutschen Landwirtschafts Gesellschaft - DLG (German Agricultural Society) gold and silver medals. Today we taste two of the DLG gold medal winners - Bräu-weisse and Ur-weisse.


  • Hop of the Month: Citra

    Hop of the Month - August 5, 2013

    Citra is a relatively new hop on the scene (released in 2008 by Hop Breeding Company of Yakima, WA) and has since gained much attention for its unique tropical fruit flavors and aromas. These intense tropical notes make it the perfect candidate for a single hop IPA.

    The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company helped popularize the Citra hop when they used it as a dry hop in their Torpedo IPA in 2009. When Sierra Nevada first used Citra in Torpedo, there were only four acres of Citra hops, but today, there are about 140 acres dedicated to this hop variety. Citra's popularity is expanding more and more each year and shows no signs of slowing down.


  • GABF Sells Out, History of Sour Beer, Non-Alcoholic Beer

    Beer News Mashup - August 2, 2013

    • GABF Sells Out in Record 20 Minutes [Denver Post]
    • Retired Man Turns House into Work of Art with Empty Beer Cans [NPR]
    • A Brief History of Sour Beers [New Yorker]
    • Dedicated Waiter has Bottle Opener Built Into his Prosthetic Leg [Red Eye Chicago]
    • Non-Alcoholic Beer on the Rise in Muslim Countries [Economist]


  • Weekend Beer Events 8/3

    Beer Events - August 1, 2013

    This summer has been good to the beer fest goer, and we are happy to say that this weekend shows no sign of letting up. Maybe you'll be celebrating all beers Belgian in Cooperstown or maybe you'll be heading all the way to Tampa to drink with some animals. Or even swaying to the Blues in Mammoth Lakes, California, drinking and eating in Cary, North Carolina, or in Loveland, Colorado, cheering on fellow brewers. No matter what kind of weekend you're having, have fun, be safe, and drink beer. Cheers!


  • Recipe: Spent Grain Corn Sticks

    Spent Grain Chef - July 31, 2013

    When we stumbled upon an adorable pan in the shape of mini corn on the cobs, we just had to have it. Little did we know that this pan was quite popular in the south for baking a fun variation of corn bread or corn muffins called corn sticks. Typically made with three parts cornmeal and one part flour, we've altered the ratios a bit for our favorite substitution, spent grain flour, making these corn sticks extra hearty and delicious.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Squatters

    2 O'Clock Tastings - July 30, 2013

    Take a trip out west to Salt Lake City, Utah and you will find world-class, handcrafted beer from Squatter’s Pub Brewery. As part of the Utah Brewers Cooperative along with Wasatch Brewery, Squatters has been providing their customers with thirst quenching beer since 1989 and have remained dedicated to this goal.

    Throughout their journey, Squatters has embraced the Triple Bottom Line philosophy (TBL) of People, Planet, Profit. Squatters ensures that they are always providing their customers with delicious beer made from wind power energy and delicious environmentally friendly ingredients sourced locally.


  • Free Vacations, Royal Baby Beer Released, Edison Bottle

    Beer News Mashup - July 26, 2013

    • Commercial beers are made with scary ingredients [Food Babe]
    • Hop distributor claims frozen hops make better beer [Katu]
    • Heineken offers free vacations. The catch? You have to leave immediately. [Fast CoCreate]
    • Beer released for birth of royal baby [The Drinks Business]
    • Beck's creates the first playable Edison beer bottle [The Die Line]

  • Weekend Beer Events 7/27

    Beer Events - July 25, 2013

    Whether you are celebrating beer with live local music or a game of ping pong or cornhole at a festival, there is no shortage of beer on hand this weekend. From the high altitudes of Colorado to the innovation of Akron, this summer is showing no signs of slowing down. Read More...

  • Recipe: Shandy Ice Pop

    Cooking with Beer - July 24, 2013

    We go back and forth on shandies, the lemonade-spiked, official beer cocktail of summer. Done right it's a super refreshing way to make your pint a bit more session-able.  But done wrong (and we'll call any premixed bottled versions very wrong) and you've got a handful of lemonheads polluting your beer.

    When it came time for us to concoct our own shandy, we could think of no better way to combine the tartness of lemon, the essence of beer (in our case, the already citrus-packed Grapefruit Honey Ale), and the spirit of summer than in the form of a special adults-only ice pop.

    Plus it leaves one hand free for a pint.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Bell's Brewery

    2 O'Clock Tastings - July 23, 2013

    Good news for home beer makers, Bell’s Brewery, which now makes 500,000 barrels of beer a year, began in a 15 gallon soup pot in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The company has grown from an experiment in Larry Bell’s kitchen to a brewery that distributes in eighteen states. At this rate, their beer will soon be available in Timbuktu!

    As they have expanded, they have not only increased beer production, but starting in 2008, they began growing their own two-row barley for use in their Midwestern Pale Ale, Christmas Ale and Harvest Ale. If those beers don’t get your mouth watering, check out the menu for the Eccentric Café, where you can eat good food, drink good beer, and enjoy music and entertainment. Who could ask for anything more?


  • 5 Beer & Hot Dog Pairings for National Hot Dog Day

    Beer List - July 22, 2013

    At barbecues, picnics, or a cart on the street corner, boiled in water, or blown open in the microwave, hot dogs are an American staple. In fact, we Americans like them so much, we've designated July 23 as National Hot Dog Day. Should we be ashamed to celebrate these mysterious casings of meat? No way. They're delicious.

    You know what else is delicious? Beer. We love it alone and we love it when there's food along side it. Thankfully for us, there are nearly as many kinds of hot dogs out there as there are beers, so putting together a list of five great combinations of the two is not only fun, but pretty easy too. Now if we could only work on getting a national beer brat day...


  • Redhook Hemp Beer, Craft Beer in Israel, Synthetic Yeast

    Beer News Mashup - July 19, 2013

    • Redhook Celebrates Washington Cannabis Legalization with Hemp Beer [The Weed Blog]
    • The Design for Surly's New Brewery Causes Unexpected Controversy [MN Artists]
    • Synthetic Yeast Could Yield Cheaper, Stronger Beer [Telegraph]
    • Craft Breweries Gaining Traction in Israel [Tablet]
    • Nanobreweries Becoming More Popular All Over the Country [NY Times]


  • Weekend Beer Events 7/20

    Beer Events - July 18, 2013

    More great festivals coming up for anyone who enjoys spending their weekends filled with fun, music, food and beer. Whether you're from the east coast, west coast, Germany, or anywhere in between, we suggest making some room in your schedule for a beer fest this weekend. Get ready for jazz in NYC, 10 days of beer gardens, a charity driven costume contest in San Diego and much more.


  • 5 Beer-Based Picnic Foods

    Spent Grain Chef, Cooking with Beer, Beer List - July 17, 2013

    With the combination of hot weather, beautiful green parks, and plenty of outdoor activities, family picnics and romantic outdoor lunches are a natural result. Beer is also a very big part of summer, from festivals to open beer gardens, to sitting outside on the porch (or balcony, roof, or deck) enjoying a cold one.

    Inevitably, the two should come together, and what is more natural than choosing some great picnic foods made from that refreshing libation? Whether basting some pork or enjoying some scrumptious spent grain crackers, putting these two great summer traditions together is bound to be delicious.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Wasatch Brewery

    2 O'Clock Tastings - July 16, 2013

    Bundled within the peaks of Park City, Utah is Wasatch Brewery, Park City’s first brewery since prohibition. Wasatch Brewery has been faithful to their customers since its foundation in 1986 and loyal to its domain as it is named after the local Wasatch Mountains. Several years following its inception, Wasatch owner, Greg Schirf, passed a bill through Utah Legislator to make brew pubs legal in Utah. Upon this successful passing, Wasatch started to operate its first brewpub.

    Wasatch Brewery brews with a simple mission - to make the best ales and lagers possible. Through this facile approach, Wasatch has been able to crank out year-round, seasonal, and specialty beers that have earned awards from festivals such as the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup. For this tasting, we sampled three beers: Summerbrau Lager, White Label Belgian Style Wit, and The Devastator Double Bock.


  • 5 Beer & Junk Food Pairings for National Junk Food Day

    Beer List - July 15, 2013

    Junk food and beer - who could ask for a better combination? And on a day that gives us permission to eat one, why not use it as an excuse to drink the other? July 21st is National Junk Food Day, and we're celebrating with junk food and beer pairings. With the return of the Twinkie and midsummer day drinking giving us cravings for nachos and french fries, this day could not have come at a better time.

    Even if junk food doesn't come to mind when talking about beer, we believe that, just like the pairings listed below, they are a great combination. So sharpen your sweet tooth, salt up those taste buds, and get ready for some greasy fingers. It's drinking time.


  • Cheap Beers Ranked, Swimming in Beer, Beer Branding

    Beer News Mashup - July 12, 2013

    • Deadspin Ranks Cheap, American Beers From Worst to Least-Worst [Deadspin]
    • Stay in a Castle, Swim in a Pool of Beer [MSN]
    • What's in a Name? Naming Beers is Serious Business [Colorado Public Radio]
    • First Woman in 30 Years Takes Brewer of the Year Title []
    • Too Much of a Good Thing? The Potential Over-Saturation of the Craft Beer Market [Time]


  • Weekend Beer Events 7/13

    Beer Events - July 11, 2013

    As the summer keeps heating up, we keep looking for ways to cool down, and this weekend is the time to do just that with a cold beer. Whether celebrating breasts in San Francisco, raising money for animals in Washington D.C., dancing the polka in Colorado, or schmoozing at premiere festivals in Cleveland and with CAMRA members in Edinburgh, Scotland, this weekend is bound to cool you off, even on the hottest of days.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Midnight Sun

    2 O'Clock Tastings - July 9, 2013

    Head to the highest point in the United States, the untamed tundra of Anchorage, Alaska, and you will find Midnight Sun Brewing Company. Since their kettles fired up in 1995, this brewery and brew pub has been warming the good folks who braved that last frontier with their multitude of year round, seasonal, and specialty brews.

    Midnight Sun is Alaskan proud. Everything from their beer names to the beer labels portrays the pride they have in their heritage. Even the name of the brewery reminds us of the north - where else but Alaska do you ever see a midnight sun? For this tasting, we've taken seven offerings from their vast, eclectic collection.


  • Hop of the Month: Simcoe

    Hop of the Month - July 8, 2013

    First cultivated in 2000 by Yakima Chief Ranches, the proprietary Simcoe hop is known for its bitter and aromatic diversity. Although it's parentage is kept mum by its creators, it is compared to Cascade and is one of the most sought after hops in craft brewing.

    Mostly used for bittering due to its high alpha acid, Simcoe is also often used to create a fruity or herbal piney aroma, making it a key component in many IPAs, Double IPAs, and American Ales. We certainly enjoy it, using it in both our Simcoe IPA and O Tannenbock Spruce Ale (recipes available in Brooklyn Brew Shop's Beer Making Book: 52 Seasonal Recipes for Small Batches).


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Bad Seed Cider Co.

    2 O'Clock Tastings - July 2, 2013

    Based in Highland, New York, Wilklow Orchards has been a fixture in Brooklyn's greenmarkets for over a decade selling apples, sweet cider, and an ever-rotating variety of fruits and baked goods. But it wasn't until more recently that the farm decided to venture into the hard cider business and develop their own recipes for a collection of hard ciders that would both make use of and highlight the Wilklow Orchards excellent apple crops. Selling their products under the label of Bad Seed Cider Co., demand immediately sky-rocketed and Wilklow Orchards has been hard at work developing new recipes and keeping up with demand.

    For this tasting, we got our hands on four of Bad Seed Cider's offerings: Dry, Raspberry Reserve, Belgian Abbey, and Bourbon Barrel Reserve. Each offered a unique and distinct flavor profile that simultaneously highlighted the excellent products going into the brew and also demonstrated Bad Seed's creativity and imagination.


  • 4 Beers for International Joke Day

    Beer List - July 1, 2013

    July 1st is International Joke Day, a holiday created to help you forget your troubles for a day and unwind with a joke. You’re probably in a pretty good mood already since the weather is nice and the beer is flowing, but who couldn’t use a laugh? The concept is easy enough to swallow. So whether you’re talking about a guy in a doctor’s office, explorers who finds a magic lantern, or former presidents, celebrate and be merry.

    Welcome to the world of humorously named beers and remember, no matter how outrageous the name, it’s always in good taste.


  • Breaking Bad Beer, Heineken's "Interactive" Bottle, iKeg

    Beer News Mashup - June 28, 2013

    • How to trick your friends into drinking craft beer [Esquire]
    • Breaking Bad beer isn't blue. Why even bother? [Consumerist]
    • Virgin Trains to serve exclusive beer. [Fox News]
    • Heineken releases "interactive" beer bottle [Technabob]
    • SteadyServ's iKeg helps bar owners monitor tap beer [Upstart Business Journal]


  • Weekend Beer Events 6/29

    Beer Events - June 27, 2013

    The final weekend in June rounds out the month with a comprehensive range of beer-related happenings celebrating beer (and brewing!) in all of its incarnations. Travel from pub to pub in Chicago, get back to the roots with old-world classics in Pittsburgh, or look to the future with organic and sustainable brewing in Portland; wherever you are this weekend, be sure to keep an eye out for the malty festivities closest to you.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Stillwater Artisanal Ales

    2 O'Clock Tastings - June 25, 2013

    Known as the "Gypsy Brewer," Brian Strumke is one of the country's most well-regarded brewers, and he doesn't even have his own brewery. Though he's based out of Baltimore, Maryland, Strumke has spent the past few years brewing up some of the craft beer world's more interesting beers by travelling around from brewery to brewery, renting out their extra capacity, and using his own recipes to create very limited edition batches. In 2010 alone, he made beer in seven different breweries in three different countries around the world.

    As Stillwater Artisanal Ales, Strumke brews mostly Belgian-inspired ales, with an emphasis on saisons, or farmhouse ales. Unlike some breweries, Strumke prefers to think of saison not as a style of beer, but as an approach to beer, and allows his creativity, special ingredients, and feel of the host brewery to dictate his recipes. For this tasting, we sampled three beers from Stillwater's "Stateside" series: Premium, Débutante, and Autumnal.


  • 5 Beers To Celebrate National Zoo and Aquarium Month

    Beer List - June 24, 2013

    June is National Zoo and Aquarium Month and even though zoos and aquariums are awesome all year round, these few weeks are a celebration of the places that give us the opportunity to learn more about all the majestic animals, big and small, we share this planet with.

    So if you haven't already, you should take some time to visit your local zoo or aquarium and see what all the fuss is about. After your visit, keep the animal spirit going with some fish and animal themed (not flavored) beers from our list.


  • Pliny the Elder #1, Texas Celebrates, Baseball Bat Beer

    Beer News Mashup - June 21, 2013

    • Pliny the Elder voted #1 craft beer in American for fifth year []
    • New Texas beer laws have craft breweries celebrating [Houston Chronicle]
    • Experimental beer has ancient roots [New York Times]
    • Are CSAs the future of craft beer? Yes, says Queens brewery [DNAinfo]
    • Patriotic Homefront IPA aged with baseball bats [Huffington Post]


  • Weekend Beer Events 6/22

    Beer Events - June 20, 2013

    Summer officially starts on Friday, so that makes this weekend the first weekend of the Summer. We can't think of a better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than with a beer in hand at one of these great festivals. Whether you are headed to The Festival in Maine (we are!) or jamming out at the Gorge Blues and Brews Festival in Washington, this weekend will be a great one.


  • Recipe: Jalapeño Saison Gazpacho

    Cooking with Beer - June 19, 2013

    For summertime lunches, when the idea of turning on a stove is unbearable, we turn to to this bracingly refreshing gazpacho. We start with tart tomatillos and sweet tomatoes, add in onion and cucumber and then turn up the heat with a a double dose of jalapeño coming in beer and pepper form. The resulting soup is tart, spicy and entirely satisfying.

    While we reserve some tomatoes, cucumber and onion to mix in for a chunkier gazpacho, if you prefer yours smoother blend everything.


  • 2 O'Clock Tasting: Allagash Brewing Company

    2 O'Clock Tastings - June 18, 2013

    Like many other great American craft breweries, the Allagash Brewing Company started as a one-man operation. Founded by beer enthusiast Rob Tod in 1994 on the outskirts of Portland, Maine, Allagash began with a mission to fill a void that other American craft brewers at the time were leaving wide open: Belgian style beer. Though many breweries were making British and German style beers, Tod noticed a significant dearth of the Belgian styled beer he experienced on his travels. So Tod decided to open up his own small brewhouse to emulate Belgian wheat beers and sold his first batch in the summer of 1995. Since then, Allagash has gone from a one-man operation producing 120 barrels of its first (and now signature) style, Allagash White, to a company of around 50 people producing roughly 45,000 barrels of various styles.

    For this tasting, we've picked three Allagash beers: the Fluxus '12 from the Tribute Series, the Curieux from the Year-Round selection, and the limited-release Odyssey. Like all of Allagash's beers, these are bottled-conditioned, meaning , among other things, that as "living beers" their flavors develop and change over time.


  • Mapping Beer, Beer Pouches, Mythical Beer Bellies

    Beer News Mashup - June 14, 2013

    • Mapping the Rise of Craft Beer [New Yorker]
    • Are BeerPouches the Growlers of the Future? [Food Beast]
    • New Glass Forces You to Put Your Phone Down at the Bar, Drink a Beer [Telegraph UK]
    • Beer Bellies are Really Just Alcohol Bellies [Popular Science]
    • Small UK Brewery Fights for Rights to its Name [Daily Mail]

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