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  • Princely Beer Travels, Jam Beer, Thirsty Germans

    Beer News Mashup - October 10, 2011

    • Prince Harry travels 120 miles for a beer [CBS]
    • Pearl Jam turns 20 - gets an (underage) beer [TIME]
    • Start counting: Oktoberfest by the numbers [CNN's eatocracy]
    • 90 Shilling buys Odell a trip to Scotland [Coloradoan]
    • "Germans drink less beer every year" Oh no! [Washington Post]

  • Sip & Track, Big Beer in Africa

    Beer News Mashup - June 27, 2011

    Sip, Rate, Track: A new iPhone App makes the perfect drinker's companion [Draft]
    Canning continues with multiple benefits for beer [Washington Times]
    A scientist with a passion for alcohol is using pottery to trace back within the origins of beer [Smithsonian Magazine]
    Cassava-based brew? Big beer is reaching out to produce within Africa [CNN Money]
    A nod to the [...]

  • Beer Dispensing Cows, Scientists, & German Punks

    Beer News Mashup - March 15, 2011

    Cream Ales or Milk Stouts? We wonder if this milk and beer dispensing cow has a preference. [Brooklyn Paper]
    Democrats and Republicans new bill lends small breweries a helping hand. [CNN]
    Make your stout shout: widget research heading future foam perfection. [CNET]
    Punks are shaking up the Berlin beer scene with modern craft brews that are 'good to [...]

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