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  • Shmaltz Rebuilds, Clear Beer Cans, Bronze Age Beer Tools

    Beer News Mashup - November 30, 2012

    • Is it a Sign? The Lost Abbey Loses Power Bottling Mayan Judgment Day [Draft Magazine]
    • 1922 Nobel Prize Winner Relocated to House with Free Beer on Tap [Forbes]
    • Shmaltz Looking to Rebuild World's Smallest Brewery After Sandy Damage [Beer Pulse]
    • Will this Clear Can Concept Ever Catch on? [Huffington Post]
    • Archaeologists Discover 3,500 Year Old Kiln used to Dry Malt and Make Beer [Herald]


  • SAVOR, the "Surly Bill", Ohio to Raise Legal ABV

    Beer News Mashup - June 8, 2011

    A bevy of breweries are helping to keep the farmhouse tradition of Saison ale alive [Draft Magazine]
    L.A. is finally getting into the craft brew game and gaining some steam with six new breweries within the city limits [Los Angeles Times]
    A new "Surly Bill" gets passed in Minnesota, allowing for breweries to sell pints of their [...]

  • Beer Companion, a Bottle for the Ladies, Pricey Six Pack

    Beer News Mashup - May 20, 2011

    Garrett Oliver on his forthcoming beer-centric book, created to combat there being "precisely nothing to read" [Food and Wine]
    Denmark's Carlsberg comes out with a new beer adorned with minimalist design meant to appeal to women [Adweek]
    Not enough women in beer? Not for long [Seattle Weekly]
    Stone Brewing of California purchases an organic farm. Next up: a [...]

  • Beer Buzz: Bees, British Influence, TGIF

    Beer News Mashup - May 16, 2011

    The latest buzz around beer? Honey-infused beer is on the rise [Draft]
    A police officer indulges in confiscated Natural Light and loses his job [The Boston Globe]
    A Connecticut brewery is opting for British styles and trying to "mirror what's going on over there" [New York Times]
    Georgians are taking to brewing at home: "My wife loves it [...]

  • Barrel Action, Beer Medicine, Boozy Face Masks

    Beer News Mashup - April 5, 2011

    Tipsy Tweets? Beer gossip spreads after Anthony Bourdain voices rumors of Brew Masters being cancelled [Boston Globe]
    A beer a day, keeps the vet away: A man turned to beer to save his horses life, and it worked! [Herald Sun]
    Avery Brewing's barrel fever makes it way to absinthe, and are hoping with the green fairy "something [...]

  • Solar-Powered Beer, But Not For Royalty

    Beer News Mashup - March 22, 2011

    Royal Brew: Prince William's getting hitched and needs some booze to celebrate.[Rutland Times]
    Hooray 2010! Craft beer sales shot up in 2010 & we're hoping that means more tasty brews all around for the future [Denver Business Journal]
    Brooklyn ladies revamp bar snacks (spicy bacon caramel corn and old bay peanuts anyone?) [Food Curated] & [Huffington [...]

  • Beer Dispensing Cows, Scientists, & German Punks

    Beer News Mashup - March 15, 2011

    Cream Ales or Milk Stouts? We wonder if this milk and beer dispensing cow has a preference. [Brooklyn Paper]
    Democrats and Republicans new bill lends small breweries a helping hand. [CNN]
    Make your stout shout: widget research heading future foam perfection. [CNET]
    Punks are shaking up the Berlin beer scene with modern craft brews that are 'good to [...]

  • Blood won't buy you beer, but you can brew with it.

    Beer News Mashup - March 4, 2011

    • Spit. Poop. Beef. And other bizarro beers. [Esquire]
    • Blood for beers? New Yorkers will no longer be trading a pint for a pint. [NBC]
    • Beer soap. Looks classier than expected. [Draft]
    • Obama's White House Honey Ale makes a second appearance for St. Patty's Day. [Washington Examiner]
    • They must have been drunk: relatively pointless beer inventions. [Dallas Observer]

  • Spacemen, Shipwrecks & Beer Baths

    Beer News Mashup - February 22, 2011

    Spacemen get a super strong Australian stout. [Toronto Sun]
    "It clearly isn't fresh now" but that won't stop the Finns from having a taste of shipwrecked ale. [BBC News]
    While drowning your sorrows in beer may be questionable for your health - soaking in it doesn't appear to be. [Draft]
    Yes, European athletes love non-alcoholic beer. Or [...]

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