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Top 5 Break-Up Beers

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Relationships can be a magical thing. Sharing your days with someone you love. When it's going strong, there's nothing better. When it's not... There's nothing worse. We've all been dumped or dumped someone at some point, and it sucks. There's no way around it, and while we don't think you should drown your sorrows in beer, one or two might help you through your break-up blues.

So whether you're feeling bitter, sour, or just need a drink, here are 5 beers that will go well with your impending sweat-pants film festival featuring every John Cusack movie ever made (except for 2012).

  1. Coronado Brewing Co - Idiot IPA

    @CoronadoBrewing | 8.5% ABV

    Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Stop directing this word at yourself (even if getting involved with this one really was against your better judgement) and grab a bottle of Coronado Brewing's Idiot IPA. Not only is the name fitting but the 8.5% ABV will certainly aid in forgetting. This American Double IPA pours a nice light orange color topped with a frothy head. Add in some citrus aroma, a touch of sweet caramel malt and a biting pine bitterness and you should feel nothing but smart.

  2. Mikkeller - Sour Bitch

    @MikkellerBeer | 7.7% ABV

    Brewed with lychees, and aged in oak barrels, Mikkeller's Sour Bitch is a lot like a relationship gone bad. It starts out pretty sweet, but after time, you notice things start to take a turn. The relationship starts to sour. And that's when it's time to be released (from the barrel or the relationship). So now you're free, but you're still sour, embrace it. Life's a bitch, and it's not getting any sweeter until you finish your glass.

  3. Great Divide Brewing Co - Rumble

    @greatdividebrew | 7.1% ABV

    If you are angry enough to get in a rumble or two throw your fist around this beer (rather than into a wall). This IPA promises a delicious distraction. Brewed with Pacific Northwest hops and aged with French and American oaks the result, a mouth-watering balance of bitterness, caramel sweetness, vanilla, and undercurrents of pine and citrus.

  4. Brooklyn Brew Shop - Bourbon Dubbel

    @bklynbrewshop | 7.0% ABV

    What better way to get over a relationship then to master a new craft? And what hobby is hotter than brewing your own beer? Our Bourbon Dubbel, spiked with bourbon soaked oak chips, is a delicious way to start. And we're pretty sure there is no better pick-up line than, "I made this."

  5. Midnight Sun Brewing Co. - T.R.E.A.T.

    @midsunbrewing | 7.8% ABV

    Many people indulge in sweets as a way to cope with the pain of a break-up. Kill two birds with one stone by combining beer and sweets. Think: Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter. What isn't to love? Spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg it's as if someone baked a pumpkin pie and smashed it inside the bottle. Hello sweet revenge.

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