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Kit Includes:

I'm a bullet.

I too am a bullet.

Equipment Needed:

On Brewday

6 quart Stock Pot (a second pot is handy)

Fine Mesh Strainer

Funnel (helpful)

Two Weeks After Brewday

10 Non-Twistoff Bottles (recycled bottled are great)

Bottle Capper & Caps

Or Self-Sealing Swingtop Bottles


In the Kit:
Additional Recommended:

Pre-Brew: Sanitize

Sanitization is important, but it's nothing scary. When brewing, keep everything clean so that you give what you're brewing its best chance to succeed. So when preparing for brew day, wipe any crumbs off the counters. Move any clutter that might be in your way. Read through the rest of the instructions (at least through fermentation) so that you know what to expect. And have fun!

  • Dissolve half of your sanitizer packet with a gallon of water in a container. Save the second half for when you bottle.
  • Soak everything you are going to use, rinse with water, and let air dry on some paper towels. If it isn’t totally dry when you are ready to start don’t worry.
  • Keep the extra sanitizer in a container for now. Chances are you’ll want to re-sanitize something later.
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