Beer Making Kit

Inside the kit you'll find the necessary equipment to make one batch of craft beer. Choose any style you like, and you'll also get the ingredients (barley, hops and yeast) to brew it.

There's a lot of good stuff to say about our kits. People all over the world have quit their jobs to start breweries after using our kits (to the chagrin of mothers worldwide), but ingredients and recipes are what set us apart. We only use ingredients that you'll find in the best craft breweries. We don't use extracts or sugar powders to make beer. Our kits are all-grain. Just like every great beer out there.

If you're not sure which one to get, Everyday IPA is our most popular kit and an awesome gift choice.

Style: Brooklyn Brew Shop


Category: 1 Gallon

Type: Unknown Type

What's Inside

Equipment and ingredients for your first batch of beer. The Kit is reusable, and all you need for your next batch is one of our refill mixes.

    Inside the box:
  • All-Grain Ingredient Mix
  • Gallon (3.8 L) Glass Fermenter
  • Glass Spirit-Filled Thermometer
  • Vinyl Tubing
  • Racking Cane & Tip
  • Chambered Airlock
  • Brooklyn Brew Shop Cleanser
  • Screw-Cap Stopper
What's Inside Beer Making Kit

Useful Kit Additions

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