Jameson Caskmates 
Beer Making Starter Set

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Jameson Caskmates Irish Whiskey

Everything you could need to brew your own craft beer and be in with a chance to win 2 tickets to the Great American Beer Festival with Jameson Caskmates on Friday, September 21st.

Win an all-expenses paid trip to Denver this September to experience the first ever Jameson Barrel Aged Beer garden at Great American Beer Festival.

Winner Will Be Judged On:

  • Best Name - 50%
  • Name Inspiration - 25%
  • Convivial Picture of You Enjoying the Finished Product - 25%

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    Each kit contains all the equipment & ingredients for your first batch of beer.


    And as an exclusive Jameson bonus, this Starter Set includes charred oak chips that we strongly recommend soaking in Jameson Irish Whiskey and adding to your beer when brewing. Combining the absolute best of both worlds, the whiskey-soaked oak adds a barrel-aged depth to your homemade beer.

    Select your beer style, and remember to enter your Jameson-provided gift code at checkout: CASKMATESGABF


    Please Charge the home brew kit to your company AMEX and send receipt to PRUSA.GABF.INCENTIVE@GMAIL.COM before June 22nd to enter.
    Jameson will provide an APO code to cover costs upon submission of receipt.
    Please submit your beer name, inspiration and convivial picture to PRUSA.GABF.INCENTIVE@GMAIL.COM before July 31st to be in with a chance to win.
    Winners flights and accommodation will be covered by the Jameson team.
    Winner announced on August 15th.

    See Complete Rules & Regulations

    Starter Set Includes:

    - One All-Grain Beer Making Kit (Choose your Style)
    - Bottle Capper & 50 Caps
    - Beer Bottle Set
    - Charred Oak Chips for Recreating Barrel-Aged Depth

    Recommended Items Not Included:

    - 8 Quart Stockpot
    - Funnel
    - Metal Spoon