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Mexican Fresh Cheese Making Kit

Crumbled, cubed, stretched, or melted, Mexican cheeses combine the creamy freshness of whole milk with a complex, tangy bite. Perfect for snacking or adding to countless Mexican-inspired dishes.

Includes equipment and ingredients to make Queso Fresco, Queso Panela and Queso Oaxaca. All you need is milk.

Queso Fresco
Simple, elegant and uniquely fresh, it’s best cubed or crumbled atop salads or just about any dish in need of a bright, cheese-filled dusting.

Queso Panela
Molded in a cheese basket, it’s also called queso de canasta (canasta meaning basket). For a savory snack, slice and sear in a hot pan.

Queso Oaxaca
Stringy and delicious, it’s traditionally stretched into ropes and rolled into a beautiful ball before being pulled apart for munching.

Style: Mexican Fresh Cheese Making Kit


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