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The Mash

Original Beer Making Videos, News, Tips & Recipes for Cooking with Beer and Spent Grain from the Brooklyn Brew Shop Team.


Spent Grain Chef Recipes

Original recipes for cooking with spent grain

Spent grain is the leftover grain after brewing. Breweries cart it off to pig or chicken farms. People at home usually throw it away. We cook with it.

Cooking With Beer Recipes

Original recipes for cooking with beer

Beer with food is one thing. Beer in food's another. Explore this versatile and easily over-looked ingredient that gives food great depth and flavor.

Brewing Tips

Tips to help you with your next batch

Our dream is to personally assist everyone brewing with our kits. We can't be in every kitchen, but we can share some of of our knowledge here.

Hop Profiles

Profiles on some of our favorite hops

The world of hops is vast. There are dozens of varietals all with different characteristics. Become an expert in hops one glass at a time.

Beer Cocktail Recipes

Original recipes for beer cocktails

Beer can be an amazing ingredient when concocting, mixing and shaking your next cocktail. Aroma, bitterness, sweetness. It can do so much.

Beer Desserts

Original recipes for desserts made with beer

We've got a bit of a sweet tooth. A meal doesn't end until we see the dessert menu. We love adding our first love (beer) to our second love (dessert).

Beer Travel

Guides and profiles of beer destinations worldwide

It wasn't always the case, but there's amazing beer everywhere you go. It can be a little overwhelming. Luckily for you, we love research (i.e. drinking).

Beer Tastings

Reviews and writings on amazing craft beers

As a team, we regularly sit down together to taste and better understand beer. An informed brewer is an informed craft beer lover. And vice versa.