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Wholesale Beer Making Kits, Wine, Cider Kits & FarmSteady

Our retail partners are some of our favorite people in the world. Since 2009, we’ve been wholesaling our unique line of Beer Making Kits to retailers across the United States and to shops in more than 25 countries around the world.

Why Brooklyn Brew Shop Wholesale?

Here are some reasons why you should stock our Beer Making Kits, Sparkling Wine Kits, Hard Cider Kits & FarmSteady Culinary Kits.

  • They're Compact: Easy to fit in any size brick-and-morter store or e-commerce warehouse. Our products are designed to be used in any sized kitchens--including what you'd find in tiny New York City apartments. Our Beer Making Kits are guaranteed to be the most compact and easy-to-stock kits you'll ever come across.
  • Beautifully Designed: Your store is beautiful. Your website is awesome and features some really nice photography. Lucky for you: Our products are pretty. Really pretty. We take design incredibly seriously. Everything we sell is something that would look great on your shelves. Our in-house design team members come from some prestigious print magazines, and our product design shows it. Not only have our Beer Making Kits won international product design awards, but so have our newer line of FarmSteady culinary kits.
  • Flexible Ordering: Our goal is that you place the perfect order for your business. We'll help you tailor your first (or fiftieth) order to your specific business's needs and will never push anything that wouldn't be in your best interest.
  • Customer Service & Expertise: We've worked with retailers big and small for a few years now. Chains and mom-and-pop shops alike. We go out of our way to not only help with any problems you encounter--but to prevent them from arising in the first place. 
Beer Making Kits For Wholesale in Switzerland


Zurich, Switzerland

Wholesale FarmSteady Products in Carborro, NC

Fifth Season Gardening

Carborro, NC

Wholesale Kit Para Fabricar Cerveza in Barcelona


Barcelona, Spain

Wholesale BrewDog Punk IPA Beer Making Kits in London

We Brought Beer

London, England

Let's Be Partners 

When you work with us, you're literally working with us. Nobody else. Not a distributor. Not a middleman or importer. Not a sales rep whose filling in for someone. We're experts in lots of things: Making beer, cider, sauerkraut, etc... (Don't get us started!) But nobody knows our products better than we do. And aside from you and your staff, nobody understands your needs better than us. When you work with Brooklyn Brew Shop, you truly gain a partner. And so do we.

Made in America (By Us)

We build everything at our production facility in New York. We put so much care and effort into every single order that goes out the door. No matter the size. We take great pride in the quality the products we create and design. If you, at any point, are ever dissatisfied with the quality of the items you receive, we will be too. And we'll do everything possible to fix it.

Hassle-Free Distribution

Whether you're a few states away or across the ocean, we'll get stuff to you. We ship all our products either from our New York facility or our European warehouse. So if you need a few kits, a pallet, or a shipping container, that's fine. We've done this before. Our goal is to make this easy for you.