• Brooklyn Brew Shop Makes it Easy to Make Your Own Beer

    We Make It Easy
    To Make Beer

    If you can make oatmeal, you can make beer.

    Brewing is just like cooking, but in the end,

    You get flavorful, bubbly, alcoholic beer.

    Start Today
  • Make Some Beer
    & Some Bacon

    Properly smoked & jammed with bacon,

    Bacon Dubbel is a savory delight

    Bring Home the bacon
  • Rosé All Day
    The DIY Way

    Make a batch of pink bubbly and start

    popping bottles all summer long

    Make Some Rosé
  • No More Bottling
    Kegging Made Easy

    Compact, Easy-to-Enjoy 1 Gallon Kegs

    Speeds Up Carbonation & Cuts Down on Work

    Start Kegging
  • FarmSteady Everything Bagel & Cream Cheese Making Kit

    DIY Everything With

    Discover Fun New Kitchen Projects

    Get FarmSteady
  • It's fun to brew
    Unicorn Style

    Absurdly Tasty. Super-Juicy.

    Naturally Pink New England IPA

    Topped with Sprinkles

    Tap the Horn
  • Make Bubbly
    Sparkling Wine

    The DIY Life of the Party

    Get Bubbly
Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Mixes