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Soft Pretzel & Beer Cheese Making Kit

Our absolute favorite bar snack is a soft pretzel (ideally warm) with beer cheese on the side for dipping. It easily competes with any good cheese plate. Savory and salty, it’s certainly a guilty pleasure. So much so that we’d prefer eating it with friends in the comfort of our own home.

A meal worthy of any beer hall from Munich to Manhattan.

Soft Pretzel
Dusted with coarse salt, highly dippable and worthy of the best brewpub. Traditional homemade pretzels are easy to make, fun to form and delicious to share.

Beer Cheese
Tangy with a beer-filled nutty sweetness, homemade beer cheese takes savory to new heights and pretzels to where they belong. Use any beer you like.

Style: Soft Pretzel & Beer Cheese


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