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1 Gallon 
Jug Brush

Make cleaning out your jugs a breeze with a long-handled brush. The extra-long bristles make it easy to scrub out the remaining sediment after making your beer.

To use: Fill used fermenter completely with hot water (add a spoonful of sanitizer prior to filling if you have it). Let soak for at least 10-30 minutes. Once the water in the fermenter is cool enough to touch, place the palm of your hand over the opening and shake the fermenter side to side. With liquid still in fermenter, push the bristle-end in, spinning as you go. You may need to pour some liquid out so that you don't spill. Scrub away! Pay close attention to the bottom of the fermenter and the area around its neck. That's where yeast sediment tends to settle and stick. Rinse with fresh water and let fermenter dry. You're now ready for your next batch!

Style: Jug Brush


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