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Build Your Own Starter Set

Everything you could need to make some beer. Our kits contain all the ingredients and equipment for your first batch (other than a couple pots, strainer and a funnel). Pair that with the Bottle Capper & Caps and Beer Bottle Set, and you’ve got everything you (or your favorite beer-loving giftee) could use to brew up their first batch. Now for the hard part: deciding which beer you want to brew first?

Included in the Build Your Own Starter Set

  • One Kit (Choose your Style Below)
  • Bottle Capper & 50 Caps
  • Beer Bottle Set

Style: Starter Sets


How It Works

Choose Your Style

There are so many possibilities when it comes to brewing your first batch of beer. We recommend choosing a style that you'd be excited to brew, drink and share. With our Build Your Own Starter Set, you select any beer style you like--even Hard Cider too. It's the perfect introduction to making your own beer.

What's Inside

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