Piña Colada Wheat: Beer Making Mix - Brooklyn Brew Shop

Piña Colada Wheat 
Beer Making Mix

Tropical enough to rival any Tiki drink, our new Limited Edition Piña Colada Wheat deserves its own tiny paper umbrella.

Included lactose, or milk sugar, makes this beer silky-smooth, thick, and creamy. Pair that with a light wheat base, and you get a gently sweet, juicy beer that's overflowing with fresh coconut, tropical pineapple, and ocean breezes. It's a vacation in a pint.

So go ahead and pop open two umbrellas: one for you, and one for your beer. 

Included in the Piña Colada Wheat Beer Making Mix

  • Piña Colada Wheat 1 Gallon, All-Grain Mix
  • Chinook Hops 
  • Lactose Sugar
  • Beer Making Yeast

Needed but not included:

    Kit to make light colored beer
    Kit to make a pretty hoppy beer

    Style: Pina Colada Wheat