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Brut IPA 
Beer Making Mix

Bone-dry and intensely hopped, Brut IPA is one of the newest beer styles to hit the craft beer scene. California's answer to the New England IPA, Brut IPA is inspired by Brut Champagne, and it has some similarities and some pretty stark differences to our favorite super-cloudy IPAs. 

Unlike New England IPAs, Brut IPAs are dry and not very cloudy at all. This is done with with the help of amylase enzymes (which are included in the mix). These enzymes help further ferment the beer just a little more than the ale yeast could on its own. And more fermentation means a cleaner, less-sweet beer.

But don't worry, this IPA gets a major dose of late-addition Ahtanum hops. That means it's overflowing with a fresh, aromatic burst of hops on the nose. 

We tried a lot of Brut IPAs from around the country when testing this beer, and this is the one we want to keep in our fridge all season. We think you will too.

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Kit to make a beer very hoppy IPA beer

Style: Brut IPA


Instructions: Brut IPA


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