Jalapeño Saison® 
Beer Making Kit

For our Jalapeño Saison, add a crisp, spicy Jalapeño to a light, easy-drinking beer for a healthy kick (if you want it). Great with nachos, ceviche, fish tacos, and anything off the grill.

Kit to make something very light in color
Kit to make a beer with some hop character

Style: Jalapeno Saison


Category: 1 Gallon, Beer, Belgian-Style Ale

Type: Beer Making Kits

Instructions: Jalapeno Saison
Instructions: Jalapeno Saison (5 Gallon)
Instructions: Jalapeno Saison (Spanish)

What's Inside

Equipment and ingredients for your first batch of beer. The Kit is reusable, and all you need for your next batch is a new mix.

    Inside the box:
  • All-Grain Ingredient Mix
  • Gallon (3.8 L) Glass Fermenter
  • Glass Spirit-Filled Thermometer
  • Vinyl Tubing
  • Racking Cane & Tip
  • Chambered Airlock
  • Brooklyn Brew Shop Cleanser
  • Screw-Cap Stopper
Chocolate Maple Porter Beer Making Kit Contents

Useful Kit Additions

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