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Sourdough Bread Making Kit

Bake your own beautifully golden-brown sourdough bread from scratch, and discover why nothing else quite compares. Our brand new Sourdough Bread Making Kit brings the bakery into your home kitchen. Including absolutely all the specialty baking equipment you need to make your own thick-crusted, tangy (and highly sharable) sourdough, our kit simplifies the sourdough process into a few easy steps designed for flawless loaves.

From making and maintaining your own sourdough starter to shaping and baking your own loaf from scratch, homemade sourdough with its hearty crust, chewy interior, and unique tanginess, will have you falling in love with bread all over again!

Sourdough Bread Baking Kit Includes:

  • Round Natural Fiber Banneton

  • Fabric Banneton Cover

  • Bread Lame (Metal & Wood + Replacement Blades)

  • Bench Scraper (Metal + Wood)

  • Flexible Dough Scraper (Plastic)

Style: Sourdough Bread Making Kit


Simple Steps to Making Sourdough 

We made it really easy to make your own sourdough bread. The steps below might not seem that familiar to you right now, but once you get started, you’ll be making endless loaves of beautiful artisanal sourdough.

Steps to Making Homemade Sourdough

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