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2 O’clock Tasting
Wedge Brewing Company

Updated on March 30, 2016

Even coming from New York City, we were amazed by how much was happening in such a small space at the Wedge Brewing Company. A micro-brewery amongst other artistic endeavors, the brewery is committed to making good beer with quality ingredients. Walking by studios and past gardens of eclectic sculptures, the motto, 'Beer is Art' came to life. We tasted the seven brews that they had on tap, while enjoying the local wild life (pigeons just look different outside of the city) and counting train cars going by. If only every tasting could be on a porch with a light jacket, surrounded by creativity and community. Thanks for a great start to our Asheville tour, Wedge Brewing Company!

  1. Payne's Pale Ale

    4.7% ABV

    This Pale Ale was named for John Payne, who transformed Wedge studios into the collaborative space that it is now. Reminiscent of the harvest moon, this beer was light copper in color. We were (literally) like a kids in a candy store drinking this brew. Amidst the malty sweetness and the light hop aroma, was the faint scent of strawberry hard candy. Other candy store staples made their way into the taste – rock candy and candy cigarettes. The sweetness was balanced with a mild bitterness, and a light body made it extremely drinkable.

  2. Iron Rail IPA

    7.1% ABV

    It may not have been the season for sweet tea, but our experience with the IPA was as close as we would get in January. The color was on the orange side of ice tea, with minimal head. We got a caramel sweetness on the nose paired with a brassy hop aroma. Both made us feel as though we were sitting on the front porch of the farm - we could even smell the hay. Sweet and citrusy, with a dry, hoppy finish, this beer was a refreshing way to start our tour of Asheville.

  3. Oatmeal Stout

    5.5% ABV

    This Oatmeal Stout was self-respecting with a dark brown color and tan head. With roasted coffee and brown sugar sweetness on the nose, the aroma woke us up after our travels and substantial meal at 12 Bones. The smooth-bodied stout went down easily and was followed by a pleasant bitter aftertaste that got you ready for your next sip.

  4. Community Porter

    6.7% ABV

    As we all sipped on these brews, the porter could not have been more appropriately named. It was dark, much like the semi-bitter baking chocolate that we detected in the nose. This was accompanied by notes of coffee and alcohol. The body was surprisingly light and effervescent, with the roasted quality as the primary taste.

  5. Golem

    10.8% ABV

    This Belgian Strong Golden Ale looks innocent with it's marigold color, fluffy white head and super-fine carbonation. Even the sweet smell and cotton candy taste give it a young feel, but don't let it fool you. The medicinal touch is a reminder of the 10.8% ABV, but then the nice clean finish swoops in and makes you feel guilt-free again.

  6. Vadim Bora Russian Imperial Stout

    9.7% ABV

    Fine carbonation was hidden in this dark stout, giving way to a dark tan head. This beer's promise to be 'intensely decadent' was kept with raspberries and chocolate on the nose (chocolate mousse topped with fresh raspberries on the mind). These flavors carried through to the taste. And like the best pairs of shoes we could dress this beer down--as we munched on peanuts, the beer took on more of a trail mix quality, the tart finish like coveted dried cherries.

  7. The 3rd Rail

    11.6% ABV

    The color of late-season honey, but clear and finely carbonated, the 3rd Rail reals you in with its appearance. With double the hops of the Iron Rail, it packs a mighty citrus hop aroma, with some bubblegum and pine action. A clean malty sweetness gives way to a forward, lingering bitterness with a touch of liquor flavor. Despite the strong aromas and flavors, this brew maintains a light body.