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A-Z Hop Guide

Updated on March 17, 2023

A-Z Hop Guide

The world of hops is vast. There are dozens of varietals all with different characteristics. Become an expert in hops one glass at a time. Here are a list of the hops we've covered in our Hop Profile series, from A to Z: 


Living up to its name, the Admiral hop is strong, useful and commanding. Admiral has very subtle aromas, pleasant and typically English, but what this hop is best known for is its bittering capabilities. -> Full Profile


While Ahtanum is popular in IPAs and pale Aaes, its modest bittering qualities makes it a better late hop addition for maximum grapefruit, sweet citrus and pine notes.  -> Full Profile


Amarillo provides a lively grapefruit flavor and a med-high bitterness, that makes it a favorite for American pale ales and IPAs. -> Full Profile


Hitting you with a smack ton of juicy mango flavor, Azacca hops have quickly become one of our favorites. Named after the Hatian god of agriculture these hops are practically bursting with notes tropical fruit and sweet citrus. -> Full Profile

Bramling Cross

This hop gets its name from being a cross between Bramling (which is a Golding hop clone), and a Canadian wild hop known as Manitoban. Bramling Cross is also very special in that it's the only hop of the male variety used in the United States. -> Full Profile


Few dual-purpose hops are as thrilling as Calypso. This electric hop is coyly named after the nymph goddess of mythical Greece that lured sailors into perdition. This hop lures you in with green apples, pears, and lime aromas belying its bitter punch.  -> Full Profile


The Cascade hop is a classic American hop, packed with vibrant citrus and pine aroma and flavor. Their moderate alpha level lends them their versatility as both aroma and bittering hop. -> Full Profile


A cross between Cascade and Northern Brewer hops, Cashmere hops are intensely flavorful with a smooth bitterness. Brimming with tropical melon, pineapple, peach, coconut, and lemon-lime soda flavors, Cashmere is highly adaptable as a dual-purpose bittering and aroma hop. -> Full Profile


We look at Centennial as Cascade's bigger, more bitter, less flowery cousin. A highly versatile hop, Centennial's bitterness can stand up to most styles of beer while its aroma easily fills the noses of eagerly sipping beer drinkers with scents ranging from delicate to aggressive citrus hoppiness. -> Full Profile


Challenger has both a high level of alpha acids and a strong aroma. The result is a floral yet spicy hop that's moderate in intensity. This combination makes Challenger a hop that can be played with in a variety of different beer styles - mostly English - ranging from ESBs, porters, stouts, and brown ales. -> Full Profile


Bold but versatile, Chinook packs in plenty of pine, black pepper and grapefruit aromatic notes in addition to its high alpha acid. -> Full Profile


Citra is a relatively new hop on the scene (released in 2008 by Hop Breeding Company of Yakima, WA) and has since gained much attention for its unique tropical fruit flavors and aromas. Citra provides its brew with mango, guava, and lychee fruit. -> Full Profile


Widely known as the oldest hop grown in the United States, Cluster hops are used in heavier beers like porters and stouts, but its dual-purpose use makes it good for making light ales as well. The floral flavor and aroma paired with a well balanced bitterness makes for a lovely American hop. -> Full Profile


Columbus (also know as Tomahawk) is a high alpha hop with an intensely citrus flavor and aroma combined with an earthy, black pepper background. It's a dual-purpose hop used for both bittering and aroma. -> Full Profile


Comet hops have been around since the early ‘60s and are totally groovy. And just like fashion from this era, Comet hops have also been making a huge comeback. Another dual-purpose hop, Comet is hard at work as the well-rounded, lower-alpha acidic sister of Citra. -> Full Profile


With pungent floral, woody and green tones, these natural earthy aromas make Crystal distinct from other descendants of the Hallertau hop. -> Full Profile

East Kent Golding

East Kent Goldings are the leading English aroma hop. They are perfect for using in English-style ales as well as some lagers. The hop has a pleasant spicy aroma and refined flavor. -> Full Profile 

El Dorado 

It's all about the aroma in El Dorado -- a bold, fruity aroma. But despite its strong aroma that elicits notes of citrus, apricots, and even Jolly Rancher candy, El Dorado has a remarkably strong alpha acid content, making it a good dual-purpose hop for bittering. -> Full Profile

Falconer's Flight

Falconer’s Flight is actually a blend of several different hops (including CitraSimcoeSorachi Ace) native to the Northwest US. -> Hop Profile


Originating over 150 years ago as a wild cultivar in England, the earthy and woody characteristics of Fuggle makes a great addition in English style ales, milds, bitters, and porters. -> Full Profile


Galaxy hops are known among IPA lovers for their overflowing citrus, peach and passion fruit flavors. Tropical island aromas dominate the nose making this a great hop for late additions and dry-hopping. -> Full Profile


Galena is used primarily as a bittering agent in beers, widely producing clean and crisp bitterness. It has medium aromas of spice, blackcurrant and citrus. -> Full Profile


Bred with a fairly low CoHumulone content (a primary alpha acid), Glacier hops will add a light and pleasant, yet noticeable and satisfying bitterness, coupled with an aroma displaying notes of citrus and fruit, as well as herbal, woody aromas. With these flavors, Glacier hops have been seen in everything from a Pale Ale to a Porter or Stout. -> Full Profile

Green Bullet

Green Bullet hops have been a signature of New Zealand brewing for decades. Their subtle spiciness and notes of dried fruit make them ideal for stouts, but versatile enough to flavor everything from pale ales to lagers, in aroma or bittering roles. -> Full Profile


Hallertau is one of the four noble hops (meaning a race of wildly occurring hops which are low in bitterness and high in aroma). The hop imparts notes of earth, grass and nectar fruits on the nose, as well as subtle spicy flavors. -> Full Profile


Filled with tropical fruit flavors of banana, orange and pear, Jarrylo is an incredibly flavorful hop that is great for everything from IPAs to saisons and pilsners. -> Full Profile


Deriving from the German noble hop Hallertau, Liberty’s mild floral and spicy characteristics and overall clean flavor make them an ideal choice for German-style beers. -> Full Profile


With subtle aromas of black pepper, nutmeg and a touch of citrus, Magnum is valued for having a very clean aroma, and is thus a fairly versatile hop used as a bittering base.  -> Hop Profile

Mandarina Bavaria

True to its name, Mandarina Bavaria hops are full of sweet orange citrus flavor invoking tangerines, mandarin oranges and clementines. Aromatic with a modest bitterness, Mandarina Bavaria hops can stand on their own in a beer, or interject strong orange citrus notes in hop blends.  -> Full Profile


Full of vibrant berry flavors and an earthy complexity, Mosaic hops have quickly become a darling of the craft beer world. Released in 2012, the Mosaic hop is the daughter of the bittering hop Simcoe. The wonderful berry fruitfulness of Mosaic is complemented by a contrasting earthy, piney taste. -> Full Profile

Nelson Sauvin

Nelson Sauvin possesses strong fruity aromas and flavors of tropical fruit and crushed grapes that mingle with citrus like tangerine and grapefruit. Known to impart a cool climate white wine "fruitiness", its bold, dominant hop character is at home in new-world styles. -> Full Profile

Northern Brewer

Widely grown internationally and used in the breeding processes of many other hop varieties, Northern Brewer is moderately bitter and plays nicely in some mellower styles. Northern Brewer is mainly used as a bittering hop, imparting minty evergreen flavors. -> Full Profile


Nugget packs quite a punch of bitterness from its high alpha acidity and has a very strong herbal and woody aroma. It's a very versatile hop that can be used for many different beer styles that call for strong hop character. -> Full Profile


This hop lends itself to several German-style beers, and imparts peppery, herbal and hoppy flavors as well as citrusy, floral aromas. -> Full Profile

Pacific Jade

New Zealand's Pacific Jade imparts bold orange and fresh ground pepper aromas with a high bitterness that works well across styles. -> Full Profile


A dual-purpose hop, Perle falls in the high-middle alpha acid range. Perle is resistant to many of the diseases that plague German hops, making it one of the most widely used hop varieties in commercial beers in Germany. -> Full Profile


This hop is dual-purpose with bittering abilities and is known to impart earthy and citrusy flavors, as well as sweet berry and juniper, and is sometimes described as spicy. -> Full Profile


Known for their delicate, spicy aroma and low bittering effects, Saaz is one of the four noble hops (meaning a race of wildly occurring hops which are low in bitterness and high in aroma), Saaz hops are extremely popular in Bohemian style beer and are the main hop component of the Czech pilsner. -> Full Profile


Intensely resinous with a high alpha acid, Simcoe is also often used to add an herbal piney aroma, making it a key component in many IPAs, Double IPAs, and American Ales. -> Full Profile

Sorachi Ace

Known for its intense lemony flavors, Sorachi Ace also runs the gamut from white flowers, dust, and tea, to bubble gum, dill, and coriander. This hop is ideal for IPAs, saisons and wheat beers. -> Full Profile


Spalt is a noble hop with a low co-humolone content. What makes Spalt hops so special are its essential oils, like farmesene, which aren't found in many other hop varieties. That makes for some very interesting German brews, like Kolsch, Altbiers, Bocks, and more. -> Full Profile


The citric qualities of the Sterling hop are lemony with a hint of pineapple. Its spicy and herbal aroma gives it a sense of sophistication, while the citrus asserts itself on the palate. -> Full Profile

Styrian Goldings

The name Styrian Golding can be misleading as it is closer to Fuggles than East Kent Golding in character. Styrian Golding provides a light bitterness, but is known best for its aromatic qualities. When added late in the boil, it contributes delightful spicy and earthy notes. -> Full Profile


This high-alpha hop is valued for its unique citrusy flavors that call to mind orange zest and grapefruit. This hop, which pairs well with herbal hops, is primarily used in IPAs and Pale Ales. -> Full Profile


Target hops are descendants of some impressive hops. Bred at the Hop Research Institute at Wye College in England from Northern Brewer and Eastwell Golding they are the cousin of Challenger Hops. -> Full Profile


Tettnang, a noble hop, is known for its all-purpose hop versatility, great for its aromatic and bittering properties. Grown in the Tettnanger region of Germany as a land-race hop, it is prized in the German-Style Lager and Pilsner tradition. -> Full Profile


Warrior imparts a great deal of bitterness thanks to its high alpha acid content. The other flavors that come out tend to be along the lines of grapefruit and lemon with some earthy pine notes. -> Full Profile

Whitbred Golding

Although Whitbread carries the Golding name, it's been said that its characteristics align more closely to Fuggle. Whitbread Golding is often used in conjunction with other Golding variety hops in commercial brews. -> Full Profile


With a fairly low alpa acid content, Willamette Hops are mostly used for their aromatic properties, and for good reason. With notes of flowers, earth, fruit, and spice, these hops can adapt to many different beer styles and add a lot of great character. -> Hop Profile

Yakima Gold 

A cultural and flavorful hybrid at heart, Yakima Gold can be utilized either as a brash, American take on the noble hop, or as a gentler European slant on the citrus and pine-heavy American style. -> Full Profile