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Hop Profile

Updated on January 04, 2016

Hop Profile: Cluster

Cluster hops have a very long and interesting beer history. After traveling with the settlers from Europe and going through years of development, the cluster hop was born. It is widely known as the oldest hop grown in the United States. Strong, with a good resistance to disease. It has been able to with stand the test of time, bringing a rich history to modern beer making.

Cluster hops  are used in heavier beers like porters and stouts, but its dual-purpose use makes it good for making light ales as well. They are still widely available and great for not only microbreweries, but are also used by some notable craft breweries. The floral flavor and aroma paired with a well balanced bitterness makes for a lovely American hop.

  1. Origin

    United States. It traveled with the settlers and is the oldest grown hop in the U.S.

  2. Characteristics

    A well balanced bitterness with lovely floral and spicy aromas.

  3. Vital Statistics

    Typical Use: Dual-purpose, aromas and bittering
    Alpha Acid: 5.5-8.5%
    Country: United States
    Styles: Porters, Ales, Stouts
    Flavors: floral, earthy, mango
    Similar Hops: Galena, Chinook

  4. Beers to Try

    Firehouse Brewing Company- Strong Arm Porter
    Troeg's Brewing Company- Scratch #19