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Hop Profile
Whitbread Golding

Updated on March 27, 2016

Hop Profile: Whitbread Golding

After covering many of the German hop varieties, we're now moving to a hop variety grown across the pond -- the U.K. Although Whitbread carries the Golding name, it's been said that its characteristics align more closely to the Fuggle variety -- and it's not even genetically the same as the East Kent Golding variety. Whitbread Golding is often used in conjunction with other Golding variety hops in commercial brews.
    1. Origin

      The first Whitbread Goldring seedling was first planted in 1911, originally picked from a variety called Bate's Brewer. It soon became known as Whitbread Golding, named after the brewery's farm that it was planted on, the Whitbread Brewery Company.
    2. Characteristics

      Whitbread Golding is known for similar, but more intense, floral and sweet characteristics close to the other Golding varieties. Still, it produces a mild, clean bitterness in its brews.
    3. Vital Statistics

      Typical Use: bittering Alpha Acid: 5.5% - 7.5% Country: U.K. Styles: Ales Flavors: Moderately hoppy, fruity, floral Similar Hops: Fuggle, Target