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Updated on January 27, 2016

Hop Profile: Progress

Originally developed by Horticulture Research International at the UK's Wye College, the Progress hop was created to replace the Fuggle hop, which has had a history of weakness towards the hop disease Wilt. Despite showing a higher resistance to Wilt, Progress proved susceptible to other hop diseases, and never actually replaced the Fuggle hop. The plant itself is tall and has a cone that looks similar to the Fuggle cone, but is more open.

This hop is dual-purpose with bittering abilities and is known to impart earthy and citrusy flavors, as well as sweet berry and juniper, and is sometimes described as spicy.


  1. Origin

    Progress hops were developed as a more disease resistant replacement for the Fuggle hop at the Wye College in the UK. The hop was bred in 1951 from a Whitbread Golding female and a US male, and was introduced commercially during the 1960s.
  2. Characteristics

    This hop provides spicy, floral, mint, grassy and honey aromas, and well-rounded bittering properties. Progress is a tall hop plant with an open cone, and has resistance to the hop disease Wilt.
  3. Vital Statistics

    Typical Use: dual-purpose Alpha Acid: 6.0%-7.5% Country: United Kingdom Styles: Ales Flavors: Spicy, floral, mint, grassy and honey Similar Hops: Fuggle, East Kent Golding
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