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Hop Profile
Northern Brewer

Updated on March 23, 2016

Hop Profile: Northern Brewer

Widely grown internationally and used in the breeding processes of many other hop varieties, Northern Brewer is moderately bitter and plays nicely in some mellower styles. Northern Brewer is mainly used as a bittering hop, imparting minty evergreen flavors.

Northern Brewer is often used in English Ales and is also the featured hop in California Common style beers, making it more easily recognizable in flavor profile compared to other hop varieties.

  1. Origin

    Bred in England in 1934 from a Canterbury Golding female plant and the male plant OB21, Northern Brewer is now grown in Belgium, Germany (under the name Hallertauer NB), Spain, and the United States. As one of the original hop strains used in the first stages of breeding at Wye College in the early 1900s, Northern Brewer has been used in the breeding process of many varieties of hops including Hueller, Perle, Record, Northdown, Challenger, Viking, and Saxon, among others.

  2. Characteristics

    Easily identified by its dark green leaves, Northern Brewer has a moderate alpha acid profile and a pleasant aroma making for a great bittering hop that is also sometimes used as a late boil addition. As the featured hop in California Common Beer, Northern Brewer is woody and features a light minty profile. It is also commonly used in all styles of English Ales and some German Lagers.

  3. Vital Statistics

    Typical Use: Bittering (some aroma) Alpha Acid: 7%-10% Country: England Flavors: Minty, woody, evergreen Styles: Steam Beer, English Ales, German Lagers Similar Hops: Hallertau, Pride of Ringwood, Bullion

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