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Updated on March 27, 2016

Hop Profile: Summit

For a young hop, Summit is an unique and fascinating variety. First released commercially in 2003, Summit was developed in Washington's Yakima Valley and is the decedent of an openly pollinated Nugget hop plant that was then cross-bred with Zeus and other citrusy hop varieties. One of the few dwarf hops commercially available, Summit is typically grown on low trellises and must be picked by hand. The hop has an extremely high alpha acid content, ranging from 16.0% up to 19.5%, which makes it an excellent bittering hop.

Summit hops were originally intended for use by large capacity brewers as a money-saver. Because the hop is so bitter, it can be used in smaller quantities and money can be saved on storage. Supplies of Summit are more stable than most hops because brewers need less, due to the extreme bitterness. Supply is also helped by Summit's mold and fungus resistance.

But Summit is not a one-trick pony. It's highly valued for its unique citrusy flavors that call to mind orange zest and grapefruit. The hop, which pairs well with herbal hops, also can have garlic and onion aromas when used late in the boil. Summit is primarily used in IPAs and Pale Ales, but it also appears in stouts.

    1. Origin

      Summit hops trace their origin to the Washington in the late 1990’s when Nugget hops were openly pollinated and then cross-bred with a other citrus-flavored hops. Summit hops first made their appearance commercially in 2003.
    2. Characteristics

      Summit hops are prized for their strong alpha acid content which makes them ideal for bittering. They also possess an intriguing orange and grapefruit citrus aroma that makes them a popular late-boil addition to many an IPA and Pale Ale. But you need to be careful with Summit, as their flavor can also come off oniony and garlicky at times.
    3. Vital Statistics

      Typical Use: dual-purpose Alpha Acid: 16.0% - 19.5% Country: U.S. Styles: IPAs, Pale Ales, Stouts Flavors: Orange zest, grapefruit, garlic, onion Similar Hops: Warrior, Zeus, Columbus, Simcoe
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