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Updated on March 23, 2016

Hop Profile: Fuggle

Originating over 150 years ago as a wild cultivar in England, Fuggle has a long history. Originally used as a bittering and aroma hop, it is more recently used as primarily an aroma hop. Fuggle is also used in breeding and is parent to Willamette, Cascade, and Glacier hops. The earthy and woody characteristics of Fuggle makes a great addition in English style ales, milds, bitters, and porters. We love using it in our Chocolate Maple Porter.

  1. Origin

    First grown by in Kent, England as a chance seeding in 1861, Richard Fuggle brought the hops to market in 1875. Fuggle hit its peak in 1949 when 78% of the English hop crops were Fuggle. Today, Fuggle continues to be grown in the UK in addition to Oregon and Washington State in the US, though the US version is slightly less potent than its English counterpart. Fuggle is a parent to Willamette, Cascade, and Glacier hops.
  3. Characteristics

    Over 100 years ago, Fuggle was very popular and widely used both for bittering as well as aroma. After the discovery and cultivation of hops with higher alpha acids and stronger yields, Fuggle has since been used mostly as an aroma and flavor hop, imparting woody and earthy notes.
  5. Vital Statistics

    Typical Use: Aroma Alpha Acid: 3.5 - 5.5% Country: UK, US Flavors: Woody, Earthy, Vegetal Styles: English ales, Porters, Milds, and Bitters Similar Hops: Kent Goldings, Willamette
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