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Hop Profile

Updated on March 27, 2016

Hop Profile: Tettnanger

Tettnang, a noble hop, is known for its all-purpose hop versatility, great for its aromatic and bittering properties. Grown in the Tettnanger region of Germany as a land-race hop, it is prized in the German-Style Lager and Pilsner tradition.

It is also grown in the US, and Swiss where controversy brews about the legitimacy of their Tettnang hops. Many believe they are spawned from Fuggle hops since “Tettnanger” cultivation is traditional in Switzerland, it is most likely that the Swiss Tettnangers were never Tettnang Tettnanger’s to start with. US growers, in recent years, have tried to grow true Tettnanger hops, but because of the confusion in names it has become a hard task discerning the authentic Tettnanger.


  1. Origin

    Tettnanger was originally grown in the Tettnang region in Bavaria, near Bodensee, near the southern border of Germany. Also grown in the US, Oregon and Washington State and Switzerland, where the flavor profiles are more coarse and generally looked down upon for not being as “fine” as Tettnang grown Tettnanger.

  2. Characteristics

    This noble, all-purpose hop, can be used for its bittering, aromatic, and finishing additions. Especially known for adding aroma and flavor it brings mild pleasant, floral and slightly spicy notes to any brew. It’s ideal for a variety of brews including lagers and wheats.

  3. Vital Statistics

    Typical Use: aroma and bittering Alpha Acid: 4-5% Country:Germany, USA Flavors: Floral, slightly spicy Styles: A variety of styles including Abbey Ales, Amber Lagers, Lambics, Wheats and Pilsners Similar Hops:Saaz, Santiam