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Hop Profile

Updated on March 27, 2016

Hop Profile: Opal

The Opal hop was registered by the Hüll Hops Research Institute in Germany in 2001 and then introduced to the market in 2004. Despite being available for 10 years, relatively few commercial breweries and brewers have made use of it. It is agreed upon that the hop itself, as well as information about the hop, is hard to find. Despite this, those who have used it are enthusiastic about its abilities to provide a subtle peppery flavor that compliments its clean citrus aroma.

In general, this beer lends itself to several German-style beers, and imparts peppery, herbal and hoppy flavors as well as citrusy, floral aromas. A unique aspect of the Opal hop is that when first being dried, its aroma is similar to garlic. This odor fades over the drying process, and the hop assumes a normal bitter aroma.

    1. Origin

      Created and registered by the Hüll Hops Research Institute in Germany and made commercially available in 2004. This relatively young German hop is used sporadically by commercial breweries and by brewers at home.
    2. Characteristics

      Opal hops offer sweet, spicy and slightly peppery flavors, as well as a light orange blossom aroma.
    3. Vital Statistics

      Typical Use: Dual-purpose, aroma and bittering Alpha Acid: 5.0%-8.0% Country: Germany Styles: Ales Flavors: Peppery, fruity, floral, herbal and hoppy Similar Hops: Tettnang, East Kent Golding, Styrian Golding