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2 O'Clock Tasting
Beer Geek Series

Updated on March 30, 2016

Beer Geek Breakfast, Mikkel Borg’s breakthrough beer, is responsible for grabbing the attention of the international beer circuit and ushering forth the Beer Geek series, and today we’re honoring this decisive brew by tasting Mikkeller’s decadent trifecta of Beer Geek beers.

First in the line we have Mikkeller’s stellar flagship, Beer Geek Breakfast, a gourmet-coffee infused oatmeal stout; their idiosyncratic Beer Geek Brunch Weasel, brewed with coffee obtained from civet droppings (basically what we have here is cat poop beer); and the devilishly drinkable and delicious Beer Geek Vanilla Shake.

  1. Beer Geek Breakfast

    7.5% ABV

    This breakfast stout pours a rich, dark-chocolate brown with a slowly subsiding tan head. The nose is roasty chocolate with a pleasant, smooth coffee aroma and a bit of booze. The coffee comes off more astringent on the palate, but the syrupy sweetness balances it out outstandingly. With a medium-thick body and well-rounded taste, it’s no wonder Beer Geek Breakfast is Mikkeller’s flagship beer.

  2. Beer Geek Brunch Weasel

    10.9% ABV

    Why drop wads of cash for Kopi Luwak coffee, obtained from civet-digested coffee berries (to put it lightly), when you could get these ridiculously expensive coffee beans in a Mikkeller beer? Pouring black with a thin, lasting tan head, the aroma is deliciously layered: vanilla extract tops off chocolate and dry dark fruits — think raisins and a bit of prune. A thick body encompasses a mix of chocolate cherries and roasty bittersweet chocolate with a tad of booze. And since it's Kopi Luwak, the bitterness is much less pronounced. Cat poop never tasted so good.

  3. Beer Geek Vanilla Shake

    13% ABV

    Watch out for this one: this sweet dessert beer will sneak up on you with a whopping 13% ABV and comparatively little booze presence. Vanilla Shake pours the thickest and darkest of the three. The nose has a pastry shop, baked goods freshness — pound cake and vanilla resonate strongly. Did we mention how thick this one was? Full-bodied and lascivious, the palate prominently displays chocolate syrup, melted ice cream, a hint of bitterness and rich melted chocolate in a marriage of decadence. Was there ever a more perfect end to a trifecta?