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2 O'Clock Tasting
Brasserie Pietra

Updated on March 30, 2016

Based in the small French island of Corsica in the Mediterranean, Brasserie Pietra was founded in 1996. Brewing with local ingredients, Pietra's beers are distinctly Corsican.

The island is known for their chestnuts, so it is no wonder that Pietra uses Chestnuts as an ingredient in many of their beers. The chestnuts used in Pietra's flagship amber ale are hand picked from some of the highest growing chestnuts in the world at Castagniccia. Their white ale, Colombo, is seasoned with a collection of locally grown herbs and plants, making for a distinct and delicious local flavor.

  1. Colomba

    5% ABV

    Colomba is a white ale brewed with a collection of spices known as herbs de maquis, native to Corsica they include strawberry tree, myrtle, cistus, and juniper. The beer poured a hazy yellow and smelled tartly of green apple and yeast. Tasting very crisp and light with a hint of apple, we felt completely refreshed drinking this beer--like we were taking the old adage of an apple a day to the next level, being healed by an ancient remedy without feeling medicinal. Not too surprising considering that myrtle is often used as a natural cold relief.

  2. Pietra Amber

    6% ABV

    Brewed with chestnut flour made from nuts native to the island, this amber ale is a truly Corsican beer. Pouring crystal clear and copper in color with fine carbonation, Pietra smelled lightly of chestnuts and caramel malt sweetness. The flavor was mildly sweet of honey and caramel with a pleasing, gentle hop bitterness that made for an overall very well balanced and pleasant beer. If we lived on a tiny island off the coast of France, we would be very happy having this be the one beer we drank on a regular basis.