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2 O'Clock Tasting
Elysian Brewing Company

Updated on March 30, 2016

In Greek mythology Elysium, or the Elysian Fields, was the section of the underworld where the virtuous or heroic resided. The Elysian Brewing Company, founded in 1996 in Seattle's Capitol Hill, has three neighborhood pubs within the city, and distributes to the virtuous and heroic across ten states.

In their short 15 year history, Elysian has churned out an eye-popping 180 different beers; here we try four to see what all the west-coast buzz has been about.

  1. Avatar Jasmine IPA

    6.3 % ABV

    With spring now in full effect, we're happy to find a beer that's been brewed with flowers. This attractive honey colored IPA is clear and shimmering, with a sweet, citrusy scent that is further enhanced by some light jasmine notes. On the palate we notice honey sweetness followed by a pleasant hop bitterness. A very drinkable and well rounded IPA.

  2. The Immortal IPA

    6.3 % ABV

    If they're calling it immortal, it had better be good! The color is nearly identical to the Avatar Jasmine IPA and remarkably clear. A burst of citrus hops dominates the nose - we're guessing Amarillo - and the taste is expectedly hoppy as well, though the bitterness is balanced with a good malt body. Definitely packs more hop punch than the Avatar, so choose your IPA mood correctly.

  3. Dragonstooth Stout

    7.2 % ABV

    As is often the case with stout from a bottle, this beer has about as much head as a cup of joe. The aroma is mild but we notice coffee, chocolate, and roasted barley with a faint pine scent lingering in the background. On first sip we find a nutty, malty bitterness which gives way to a sweet, toffee-like finish. Such complimenting contrasts are hard to achieve, but we're happy Elysian found a way.

  4. Bifrost Winter Ale

    7.5 % ABV

    Winter may be gone, but it's not too hot for a this non-traditional winter ale. Burnt orange color with a light head, its hazy appearance gives it a frosty character from the start. Tart fruits like pear and green apple drift into the nose, followed by sweeter, almost bubblegum notes. Upon tasting, the malt shows itself upfront, then the essence of overripe fruit evens out the flavor. It may be a winter brew, but you're likely to enjoy Bifrost any time of year.