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2 O'Clock Tasting
Gigantic Brewing

Updated on March 30, 2016

Portland, Oregon-based Gigantic Brewing Company is masterminded by former headbrewer at Hopworks Urban Brewery, Ben Love, and gonzo Ph.D. dropout Van Havig. Opening its doors in 2012, Gigantic's mission is to make “the best damn IPA in Portland,” as well as produce eclectic seasonal brews, most of which will be one-offs. Serious right-brain pundits, Love and Havig add creative twists on classic styles, avoiding mainstream style guidelines like the plague.

“Stubbornly” pledging to remain small, Gigantic focuses its efforts on creating quality instead of quantity, questioning the very nature of the brewing process, always focusing on infusing their imagination and creativity into every bottle. As Havig likes to puts it, "just because you had an idea, doesn't make it a good one."

  1. Gigantic IPA

    7.3% ABV

    Gigantic IPA is Gigantic's flagship and most widely distributed beer. It is made with just two malts varieties, Pale and Munich, and brewed and dry-hopped with five different hops, Centennial, Cascade, Crystal, Magnum and Simcoe. This IPA has a deep golden body and a full white head. It bursts with guava and passion fruit and a subtle a hint of pine. Gigantic finds a wonderful balance of juicy sweet hops, delicate bready malt, and an assertive dry hop finish.

  2. High Fidelity

    5.9% ABV

    This dry hopped American Pale ale, inspired by the film of the same name, is #12 in Gigantic's "endless series of limited edition artist and artisan beers." This brew pours a light copper color and immediately draws the nose to its strong citrus and sweet hop aromas. This beer coats the mouth delightfully, with a dry biscuit flavor and a citrus bite. This is a pale ale you could spend most of your day with.

  3. Hellion

    8.5% ABV

    Hellion is a Belgian-Style Strong Pale Ale that was brewed for Matt Wagner, friend of the brewery, and the Hellion Gallery. #13 in this series, this brew stays traditional to the style with a dry hop addition. A pale golden color, this fruity, Belgian yeast driven beer provides strong tastes of spicy clove, lemon drop and wildflower, while being balanced by a subtle sweetness.