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2 O'Clock Tasting
Harpoon 100 Barrel Series

Updated on March 30, 2016

When Harpoon Brewery was founded in 1986, it was the the first company in over 25 years to obtain a permit to brew beer in Massachusetts. Now, over 25 years later, Harpoon is still brewing some fantastic beers.

They started their 100 Barrel Series in 2003 to experiment with different styles in small batches and have been releasing new beers quarterly ever since. In this tasting we sampled the lastest offerings from the 100 Barrel Series - Ginger Wheat, White IPA, and El Triunfo Coffee Porter.

  1. Ginger Wheat

    Brewer: Scott Shirley | 7% ABV

    Scott Shirley's Ginger Wheat is brewed with fresh ginger and honey from a New Hampshire farm. Pouring a crystal clear marigold with tiny little bubbles, the look of this beer was golden and inviting. Once we got close enough to smell it, there was no doubt in our minds that this beer is an ode to ginger. Zesty with a spicy ginger bite and a hint of honey sweetness, the taste lived up to our expectations from the nose. This is a definite go to beer for ginger lovers.

  2. White IPA

    Brewer: Ken Hermann | 6.2% ABV

    Hazy and golden, this White IPA poured with tiny bubbles and a quickly dissipating head. An inviting scent of a dewey fresh forest and earthy, floral hops hits the nose. Upon drinking, the body and mouthfeel are soft but nicely balanced and filled with flavors of lemon and hops. We could see ourselves drinking bottle after bottle of this one.

  3. El Triunfo Coffee Porter

    Brewer: Jesse Brenneman | 6% ABV

    El Triunfo is named after the biosphere in Chiapas, Mexico, where the coffee beans used to make this beer were harvested. Everything about this beer evoked coffee--the aroma, the taste--it even looked like coffee in our glasses. And it's no surprise that brewer Jesse Brenneman, a member of Harpoon Brewery's Coffee Club, decided to make a coffee stout.