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2 O'Clock Tasting
Maine Beer Company (Part 2)

Updated on April 01, 2016

Maine Beer Company's motto is, "Do What's Right." It's simple and to the point which is exactly what their company is all about. From their simplistic bottle designs, to their dedication to the environment (they donate 1% of their annual sales to environmental causes) they embody all facets of doing "what's right" means, while simultaneously crafting some of the best beers in the United States.

Started in 2009 by brothers, Daniel and David Kleban, Maine Beer Company was initially a pipe dream as both Daniel and David maintained their day jobs and brewed beer on the side. They had a straight forward, simple plan that we've seen in a lot of successful breweries. They brewed the beer that they wanted to drink and if it worked, great, if not that's fine too. Lucky for us it worked. They experienced almost overnight success as their Pepper won over audiences from near and far. Now they have a beautiful space in Freeport, Maine, a great line up of beers under their belt, distribution to 14 states and devout beer fans from all over the world.

  1. Mo

    6.0% ABV

    Named after Dan's twins that he and his wife welcomed in 2012, Mo is dedicated to all those who can handle more than the average joe (or jane). Famous for their Peeper, an American Ale, and Lunch, an IPA, this brew was Maine Beer Company's first attempt at a Pale Ale. It's safe to say that this is the best first attempt at anything since the Wright Brothers tried their Flyer.

    The Pale Ale pours a beautiful hazy, marigold. Bubbling with subtle hints of orange and a foamy eggshell head, this beer is simple beauty at its finest. As fruity aromas cajole you toward further investigation  you are amused by wafts of hops and wildflower that not only excite the senses, but also get your tastebuds watering. When the wet, tingly sensation first meets your tongue you aren't sure what to feel. Excitement meets wonderment which turns to joy as you get more familiar with the passion fruit and pine flavors it has to offer. With an incredible sweet, dry finish Mo might be the perfect counter to anyone who has ever uttered the words, "I don't like pale ales."

  2. Zoe

    7.2% ABV

    Named after another child of the brothers, this time inspired by David's daughter, Zoe. The Zoe beer is the type of dedication that we all wish our dads could make for us. Sadly, not all of our dads are world class brewers, but lucky for us David is willing to share his daughter-inspired beer with the world.

    The Amber ale is made with English Maris Otter, Munich 10L and chocolate which all blend together to give this beer a hazel, copper appearance. The appearance of the beer very much matches its aroma as you detect herbal and resin notes with mild hints of coco. The complex malt blend delivers lovely roasty, chocolate flavors. Subtle hints of pine and citrus remind us that this beer is a Maine staple. Rounding out the experience with a hoppy, grapefruit taste, it's safe to say that Zoe herself, like all of us, will enjoy this custom made beer for a very long time (when she's of legal drinking age, of course).