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2 O'Clock Tasting
Mikkeller From To

Updated on March 30, 2016

As soon as we saw the label on this beer, we couldn't resist picking it up for one more Mikkeller tasting. In the past we have sampled from their Yeast Series, and their Single Hop Series not once, but twice, so it's no secret that we like what Mikkeller has to offer.

This time around, we sampled their holiday ale From To (Fra Til in the original Danish). Though the label encourages gift-giving, in this particular instance this beer was given Fra us Til us. But considering that it's after the holidays, we don't feel too guilty drinking these ourselves.

  1. From To

    8% ABV

    This beer poured almost pitch black with a delightfully tan and long lasting pillowy head. There was a surprising hop bitterness to the taste that we did not expect from nose of caramel and chocolate. A soft roasted aroma was also present, which did follow through to the smooth flavor and solid body of this brew.

  2. From To Bourbon Barrel Aged

    8% ABV

    Pouring just as dark as its non barrel-aged counterpart, this version of From To had the same tan head, but it dissipated much faster. With one sniff there was no doubt that this beer was aged in a bourbon barrel - the scent of alcohol was almost overpowering on the nose. Other aromas included the familiar roasted and chocolate scents along with just a hint of funk. The mouthfeel was not quite as strong as the original, but overall a great example of how bourbon barrel aging can change a beer.