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2 O'Clock Tasting
Mikkeller Yeast Series

Updated on March 30, 2016

For all you would-be nerd haters out there, allow us to drop some empirical knowledge on you: beer brewing is a science, it might not quite be rocket science (don't try to make beer bottle rockets), but it's science all the same. To our knowledge, no brewer takes their science of suds more seriously than former math and physics teacher Mikkel Borg and his conveniently named childhood friend Kristian Keller. Together, this self proclaimed beer geek duo founded Mikkeller Brewery.

Drawing on the geek side of their beer geek personalities, Borg and Keller began setting up brewing experiments, creating a malt base that remained constant and changing only one variable, either the hops or, in this case, the yeast - one lager and one American style ale. In our super-secret floating science lab in the clouds (like the one in The Avengers), we performed a chi-square test of statistical significance on the experimental results that indicated statistical independence of the variables. Or, to put it simply, we tasted them both and they were different.

  1. Yeast Series: American Style

    8 % ABV

    The American Style had a strong, liquor aroma with notes of chocolate, banana, and maraschino cherry. It poured clear, with no head and a copper color. Though it smelled strongly alcoholic, the taste was surprisingly balanced with notes of pine and crystallized sugar.

  2. Yeast Series: Lager

    8 % ABV

    The Lager poured very hazy with visible suspended yeast with colors of orange and caramel that we dubbed 'tabby cat.' It had a strong alcoholic nose that hinted at a sweet brandy. The taste had undertones of toffee and caramel popcorn, with a fruity, alcoholic feel. Though not a taste exemplary of a lager, it was an experiment worth tasting.