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2 O'Clock Tasting
Moa Brewing Co.

Updated on March 30, 2016

Moa Brewing Company, located in Marlborough, New Zealand, is named after the large flightless birds that once roamed the island, some of which stood up to 12 feet tall! The birds are now gone - extinct for many hundreds of years, but the brewery is alive and expanding, producing 10 different variants for New Zealand as well as export abroad.

Most recently in the news for creating a controversial "Breakfast Beer," we try three brews less likely to be discussed on morning TV.

  1. Original

    5 % ABV

    The Original from Moa is a pilsner-style lager with a pale yellow color and a large, frothy head. The aroma is reminiscent of a field of tall grass - fresh and very clean. On the palate it is crisp and almost metallic, with a bit of grassy carry-over from the bouquet. Drink this on a hot day and we bet you'll be revitalized.

  2. Blanc

    5.5 % ABV

    The Blanc is a hazy, straw-colored ale, and has the nice head one would expect from a wheat-based beer. The nose is grassy and floral - like a field in springtime. With a grassy, green apple flavor that finishes crisp, this beer remind us of a style which doesn't exist: hefe-pilsner.

  3. Noir

    5.5 % ABV

    In the glass the Noir looks like Coca-Cola, except for the lingering off-white head. In the bouquet we find strong caramel malt notes with a bit of syrupy sweetness, and our experience on the palate is similar. We don't get many dark lagers stateside, but we think this one would be a nice compliment to some red meat or a good cigar.