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2 O'Clock Tasting
Perennial Artisan Ales (Part 2)

Updated on March 30, 2016

We've already had one Perennial Artisan Ales tasting in the past, but with so many delicious beers coming out of this St. Louis brewery, we just couldn't wait to get our hands on some more. Just under two years old, Perennial Artisan Ales has spent their time bringing fresh and new ideas to the world of craft beer while still respecting classic traditions. And with owner and head brewer Phil Wymore (formerly of Goose Island and Half Acre) at the helm, the results have been extraordinary. For this tasting, we sampled one beer from three of their four categories: year-round (Aria), seasonal (Peace Offering), and cellar (Heart of Gold), each paired with a cheese to complement the unique and complex flavors of the beers.

  1. Aria paired with cremont

    7.2% ABV

    This Belgian-style ale poured hazy and immediately offered up that unmistakable Brettanomyces funk. The aromas were of wild yeast, golden raisins and wet hay, while the flavor was dominated by apricot and supported by a refreshing malt backbone. We paired this with a slice of Cremont, a goat's milk cheese from Vermont enriched with cow's cream. The thin mold rind shared some of the same aromas with the Brett in the beer, and the carbonation was just enough to lift off the cream and cleanse the palate between bites.

  2. Heart of Gold paired with Paglierino

    10% ABV

    Heart of Gold, a hefty wheat wine ale, glistened a deep copper color and left an impressive trail on the sides of the glass when swirled. The first aromas are of a holiday fruitcake, which gradually give way to strong wheat malt and grenadine. These are remarkably consistent in the flavor, with the malt perhaps shining a bit more brightly after a moment on the tongue. The dairy companion of choice here was Paglierino, a mature Italian sheep's milk cheese from Campania. The peppery and roasted meat flavors of the cheese were a perfect counterpoint to the Heart of Gold's syrup-y goodness, with the fat of the sheep's milk effectively subduing the slight alcohol burn of the strong ale.

  3. Peace Offering paired with Chiriboga Blue

    6.3% ABV

    An American Brown Ale brewed with maple-roasted squash, this seasonal offering poured a fluffy tan head which sat atop a mahogany and black tea colored body. The featured ingredients in the beer are faithfully represented in both the aromas and flavors, with the vegetable flavors of the squash coming through slightly stronger before giving way to the maple sweetness and familiar biscuit finish. For this, we broke out a wedge of decadent Chiriboga Blue, a dense and creamy blue cheese from Bavaria. The spicy mineral flavors of the cheese served to cut some of the malt sweetness, while its rich and buttery texture enhanced the maple and spice, making for a remarkably balanced pairing.