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2 O'Clock Tasting
Ranger Creek

Updated on March 30, 2016

In Ranger Creek we have yet another gutsy Texas brewery, digging into the depths of beer tradition and weighing in with a heavy dose of imagination. This self-proclaimed "brewstillery" celebrates the similarities in brewing and distilling techniques and uses much of their equipment to make both beer and liquor. We got a taste of this inventive overlapping of techniques in the two beers that we tried, which were both aged in barrels.

  1. La Bestia Aimable

    9.4% ABV

    Leave it to Ranger Creek to honor Texan history with a Belgian-style ale. The name, "La Bestia Aimable," pays homage to Texas's French and Mexican roots by combining the French for "friendly" and the Spanish for "beast." The ale is deep, dark, and hazy with a peppery dark fruit aroma. It has a great malty sweetness with notes of cherry and stone fruit but no cloying aftertaste.

  2. Mesquite Smoked Porter

    6.4% ABV

    In a similarly inventive cultural mash-up, Ranger Creek combines the traditions of Bamberg rauchbiers and Texas barbecue in their Mesquite Smoked Porter. The beer is deep black with a well-developed tan head and fine carbonation. It gives off an aroma of mesquite and roasted barley, and has a rich, smoky taste with hints of espresso.