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2 O'Clock Tasting
Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp Across America

Updated on April 05, 2016

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company was founded in 1980, and is credited with starting the craft beer movement. To celebrate the opening of their new brewery in Mills River, North Carolina, Sierra Nevada started Beer Camp Across America. This seven-city beer festival has moved across the country from the brewery’s current facility in Chico, California to the grand opening of their new facilities in North Carolina. In addition to festival days, Sierra Nevada has also released a pack of 12 beers all made in collaboration with craft breweries from across the nation!

We tried all 12 different Beer Camp Across America beers, starting with the Pacific Northwest and moving East, as well as the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America Double IPA that served as an invitation to the festival. Read our review for all 13 beers below and if you’ve tried any of them leave us your review in the comments!

  1. Double Latte (Ninkasi Brewing Company)

    7.6% ABV

    Created as a collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Ninkasi Brewing, Double Latte is a Coffee Milk Stout. The beer had a deep cola color and a thick, tan head. We found Double Latte to have delightful caramel and coffee aromas with some lactic undertones. The beer had a strong coffee taste reminding us of the last sip of a cup of espresso, with some boozy chocolate flavors as well.

  2. Yvan the Great (Russian River Brewing)

    6.3% ABV

    Sierra Nevada and Russian River worked together to make Yvan the Great, a Belgian-style Blonde Ale with a sunny, straw color and a pure white head. This beer, made with Brewer’s Gold, Celeia, and Strisselpalt hops, achieved banana, bready and bubblegum aromas, plus strong lemon flavors with notes of clove and macadamia nut.

  3. Torpedo Pilsner (Firestone Walker Brewing Company)

    5.2% ABV

    With beautiful clarity and a pale straw color that reminded us of yellow Gatorade, Torpedo Pilsner was full of apple, grassy and tropical fruit aromas. Sierra Nevada and Firestone Walker breweries used Pacifica and Southern Cross hops to brew this beer, which had the refreshing taste of lemon and pear. This great summer beer was light and delicious with a little bitter taste.

  4. Electric Ray (Ballast Point Brewing Company)

    8.5% ABV

    Ballast Point Brewing Co. and Sierra Nevada worked together to brew Electric Ray, an India Pale Lager. This IPL was the color of apple juice with a cream head. Aromas of dank grapefruit dominated, and it had an overall refreshing hop bitterness. The taste was resiny, with pineapple and other tropical fruit flavors, and while complex on the tongue, the beer had a clean finish.

  5. Canfusion (Oskar Blues Brewing)

    7.2% ABV

    One of the 3 canned beers in the case, Oskar Blues and Sierra Nevada’s collaboration led to Canfusion. This candied orange-colored Rye Bock had the dominant aroma of angel food cake, along with caramelized sugar, vanilla and pineapple. This flavorful beer was fruity with orange and kiwi notes, and finished slightly bitter.

  6. There and Back (New Glarus Brewing)

    5.6% ABV

    There and Back is an English Style bitter, and is the result of Sierra Nevada and New Glarus Brewing’s collaboration. With strong carbonation and a deep orange, almost coppery color, this beer had an aroma that we likened to cantelope, sweet malt and maple. The taste was dominated by melon and maple flavors, with an bit of rock candy coming through as well.

  7. Chico King (3 Floyds Brewing Co.)

    6.5% ABV

    This highly carbonated, burnt-sienna colored Pale Ale is the brainchild of Sierra Nevada and 3 Floyds Brewing. Chico King had green apple, tropical and mineral stone aromas, and the flavors were mild and well-balanced with some tropical hints and a little bitter on the finish.

  8. Maillard’s Odyssey (Bell’s Brewery)

    8.5% ABV

    Bell’s Brewery and Sierra Nevada worked together to make this Imperial Dark Ale. The purple-hued Maillard’s Odyssey—cheekily referring to the caramelization of sugars and amino acids—was very dark and had a deep brown head. Aromas of coffee and brown sugar dominated with hints of balsamic vinegar and gingersnaps coming through. This beer was surprisingly light on the tongue, and flavors of Birch bark and other wood was prominent, along with burnt marshmallow and sassafras.

  9. Yonder Bock (Cigar City Brewing Co.)

    7.7% ABV

    Cigar City and Sierra Nevada collaborated to make Yonder Bock, an amber-colored Tropical Maibock with a baseball leather-colored head. Piña Colada was heavy on the nose—specifically the pineapple and coconut aromas—and additional hints of guava and Twizzlers were also noted. The taste of the beer mirrored its aromas and was very tropical overall.

  10. Tater Ridge (Asheville Brewers Alliance)

    7% ABV

    This Scottish ale is the collaboration between Asheville Brewers Alliance and Sierra Nevada. Tater Ridge the color of cream soda or mixed berry iced tea that had great clarity. We also noted that the head had a greenish tint to it. The beer is brewed with North Carolina sweet potatoes, and not surprisingly, those aromas subtly come through. The main aromas are burnt sugar, toasted marshmallows and peaches. The taste was a little dry and a little bitter, and tasted like a traditional Scottish Ale.

  11. Alt Route (Victory Brewing)

    6.6% ABV

    This bronze, mahogany-colored Altbier was created by Sierra Nevada in collaboration with Victory Brewing Co. Sweet vermouth, Cherry Heering and fresh cherries were on the forefront of the nose, and the bitter, cherry taste mirrored those aromas when drank.

  12. Myron’s Walk (Allagash Brewing Company)

    5.3% ABV

    Allagash Brewing Co. and Sierra Nevada created this Belgian-style Pale Ale. Myron’s Walk was a day bright color, not unlike that of melted butter. Aromas included pepper and lemon, while the taste had a light, dry breadiness with pepper notes and a pronounced bitterness.

  13. Beer Camp Across America Double IPA (Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.)

    8.5% ABV

    Brewed by Sierra Nevada in celebration of Beer Camp Across America and their new brewery, this Imperial IPA uses five different hop varietals. We found this beer to have a surprisingly light champagne, Meyer lemon color – unusual for a double IPA – with a white cream head. The aroma was bitter with strong piney elements and some subtle floral notes. The taste was overall quite bitter, but elements of pineapple and pine came through as well.