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2 O'Clock Tasting
Solemn Oath

Updated on March 04, 2016

Conceived above the rolling topography of the great American west, Solemn Oath Brewery prides itself on its progressive ideology. Through their beer they have shared with the world the virtues of change, and they're not stopping 'til the final bell rings. Unless, of course, they decide to change the rules on that too.

Nestled just beyond the big buildings of the Windy City, Solemn Oath is another brother run beer company. One night on a return flight from the west coast, John Barley sketched out a plan to bring Solemn Oath to life. Shortly after, he enlisted the services of Tim Marshall as brewmaster, and convinced his brother, Joe, to move back to Chicago and join the team. Now, about three years and touting a lengthy line-up of great beers, they have brought new life to the industry.

  1. ultrahighfreqency

    7.5% ABV

    This amber colored American red ale with caramel hues is a limited release beer from the Illinois based brewery that usually pops up around May. With a tan, yellow head that will remind you of camp and toasted marshmallows, the appearance of this beer is just as cool as the artfully designed bottles it resides in. The aroma is sweet, but perfectly intense. Chock-full of fruity wafts of plums and cherries meet your nose and escort you down a rabbit hole of wonderful flavor. The tastes are just as bold as the aromatic quality as notes of dark fruits and a hoppy front greet you at first sip. As you explore the beer further you experience a lovely malt backbone with hints of toasted caramel and molasses. Ultrahighfrequency is a high-octane, malt-driven beer that doesn't let the fact that it's a limited release stand in the way of making you fall head over heels for it.

  2. La Grippe

    9.0% ABV

    If you've never had an Imperial Black Saison don't worry; you're not alone. Imperial stout, sure. Saison, yeah definitely. But a combination of the two, no way. However, who better to produce such a unique beer than the ever evolving Solemn Oath , who have vowed to always shoot for the unknown, and with the seductive La Grippe they have stayed true to their vow.

    The midnight onyx of the La Grippe is a story within itself. Rarely do we see a truly black beer. Amazingly effervescent with a fluffy, coffee ice cream head you would never guess this beer is a saison from the appearance or the aroma of it. With subtle notes throughout, the mystery of the beer only grows as you delve deeper into it. Light hints of roasted malts and sugar meet the nose just before you go in for the taste. Flavors of roasty chocolate and malt quickly hit the mouth followed by hints of sweetness. It's safe to say that La Grippe is the mysterious fusion of some of our favorite types of beers and has produced an intriguingly, lovely taste that is sure to solidify your Solemn Oath adoration.