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2 O'Clock Tasting
Two Brothers Brewing Co.

Updated on March 30, 2016

Ah, brothers. Brothers are great for lots of things: getting bullies off your back, bailing you out of jail at 3 am, and of course, who else would make a better right-hand man for brewing?

Two Brothers Brewing Co. was created outside Chicago in 1996 when (you guessed it!) brothers Jimand Jason Ebel decided to take their brewing hobby and brotherly love to the next level.

After originally focusing solely on wheat beers, their production now includes five year-round styles, plus a series of oak aged ales and seasonal brews.

  1. Ebel's Weiss

    4.9% ABV

    Like sunshine through a thick haze, this wheat beer is a bright cloudy yellow. We're going bananas over the scent--literally! Clove and malt aromas come together to give the impression of fresh baked banana bread! This one was light on both hops and carbonation. The flavor has the same banana and clove tinge, and there's a finish that reminds us of the daily vitamin we forgot to take this morning.

  2. Domaine DuPage

    5.9% ABV

    The brothers are tagging this amber-hued beer a "French country ale," giving a nod to time they spent living in France. The term "country" leads us to assume there'll be something rustic about it, and there is: a sour and almost cellared quality opens up as the head dissipates, leaving us with a scent best described as "funky." After taking a sip, what we get is complex, with mild caramel, matched by a slight bitterness. This is the kind of comforting brew we could see ourselves enjoying, say, in the French countryside.

  3. Bitter End

    5.2% ABV

    This good looking beer has a color that reminds us of an Indian Summer sunset. Wet hops and dried flowers combine to create scent reminiscent of really good pot (or so we've been told). This beer contains three classic American hop varieties but, thankfully, this beer isn't stupidly over-hopped. Caramel malt helps with balance, rounding this one out for an easy drinking brew!