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2 O'Clock Tasting
William Bros. Brewing Co.

Updated on March 30, 2016

Located in Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland, the Williams Brothers Brewing Company remains steeped in Scottish tradition, the last brewery in what was once known as "Scotland’s Beer Capital."

Now considered Scotland's largest independent brewery, it all started when a gaelic woman brought an old family beer recipe into the brewshop where founder Bruce Williams was working. In exchange for teaching the woman how to brew, she gave him the recipe. After lots of experimenting, Bruce eventually perfected the recipe for what is now the brewery's Fraoch Heather Ale.

Twenty-five years later, the brewery has an eclectic group of beers from both contemporary and historic recipes. Today we are lucky enough to be tasting their flagship Fraoch Heather Ale as well as Scottish Joker IPA and Scottish Session Golden Ale.

    1. Scottish Session Golden Ale

      3.9% ABV

      Described on the bottle as tasting like "light Scottish Air," this brew does not disappoint. Pouring bright orange, this lovely golden ale gives off a lemony, malty aroma with just a touch of spice. It's light, slightly bitter taste finishes nicely and lingers just long enough.

    2. Scottish Joker IPA

      5% ABV

      A complex IPA, this golden orange brew filled our noses with notes of hops, basil, apples, and, surprisingly, pasta. A solid but subtle IPA, the bitter nose turns into a sweet taste that finishes slightly tart. A great brew for introducing non-craft beer drinkers into the mix.

    3. Fraoch Heather Ale
        5% ABV
          This recipe has been brewed in Scotland for nearly 4000 years. After experimenting with multiple quantities of heather and other botanicals, the William's Brotherhood perfected the ancient brew. The result is aromas of sweet and bready malts with some floral notes and a taste of candied apricots and honey suckle.